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  • syco291 syco291 Mar 2, 2011 16:51 Flag

    We wuz robbed

    cant really complain about the decisions myself.
    Luiz should have got a second yellow but he didnt. End of really.
    The penalty was a soft one, but they're given like that all the time. We'd all be arguing it was a stone waller had it been awarded in our favour. Smalling was unlucky and Zhirkov looked for the pen, any player on either team would have done the same.

    On balance, I think a draw would have been fair. We dominated the first half. Second half was more even with Chelsea edging it.

    Even if we go on and lose the title, I will still say this squad has over achieved this season, especially with the gash midfield we have. If we do lose the title, it might force the proverbial cheque book open....

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    • As so often, well done for your balance Syco. It's a pity your manager can never manage it when you lose. Maybe I should dust off my old thread about Fergie blaming referees every time you lose.

      Referee decisions are often not black and white. Should Luiz have got a second yellow? Quite possibly. But I thought his first yellow was soft. Maybe that balances out. I also thought Vidic had quite enough opportunities for two yellows some time *before* he got his second one. So maybe the referee was a bit resistant to giving a second yellow on both sides. That's not bias or decisions going against you overall. Ancelotti took off Luiz before the ref did. Vidic carried on fouling and did it once too many times.

      And people see who played better in different ways. I thought but for half the first half we were the better team throughout. We started the first half better than you and finished it better than you. We had an atrocious twenty minutes in the middle where we were complacent to the point of negligence and that's when you got your goal. And then we were better than you in the second half. As well as the two goals we scored there were two goalmouth scrambles in which you were so lucky the ball didn't go in.

      For all the matches we should have won this season but didn't and for all the matches you shouldn't have won but did, we probably deserved this one in the end.

      For this Chelsea fan, the best things from last night are: (i) you lot being not so unbearable as you would have been if you won, (ii) three points we need, (iii) Torres and Luiz giving evidence of the £24m and and £50m players they are (in that order). But Luiz does need to learn to tone down the physical side a bit or he will be conceding too many free kicks, penalties and cards.