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  • I accept that decision go against you but to have it go against utd everytime they play chelsea is just bizaare. There were three key decisions which went against utd tonight - Terry getting away with a handball in the penalty area, the ref`s failure to send off Luiz and the soft penalty for chelsea. No argument with Vidic`s sending off but how the ref missed two off the ball barges by Luiz is beyond me. A draw would have been a fairer result as neither team deserved to lose, however if utd play like they did in the first half against liverpool they shoud get something out of their visit to Anfield.

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    • U wozn't rob'd
      U was F^k'd

    • That's very true stefan. Absolutely true.

    • i'm sure you're right about Drogba and Ramirez. Drogba was helping him up and giving him some affirmative encouragement, that's all. Two minutes before a match starts all the Chelsea players go round doing that to each other. It's not to my taste but if it helps teamwork, so be it.


    • i dont think they were shaking hands at getting vidic sent off.

      drogba went over to ramires and shaked his hand because of a good bit of play he just performed which resulted in vidic having to haul him down.

      red card in the last min means nothing in terms of chelsea hanging on for the rest of inury time.

      ian, how is me saying utd are the best team in england & fergie is the best manager in england not objective?

      u choose to ignore that & pretend im just baised against utd despite me thinking & saying they have the best all round team & manager in england.

      fergie is a great manager but he is a bad loser & a hyporcrite

    • Chelsea players didn't get Vidic sent off, Vidic got himself sent off. At the time the Chelsea players were clearly trying to waste time at the end of the game, while the ball was in play. Vidic's frustration and fouling is his own and your problem, not ours. If they were pleased that Vidic got sent off I imagine it was because it meant they were achieving their job of grinding out the win.


    • .......almost as disgusting a sight as Rooney's assault the other day then?

    • I'm sorry Ian but that Barca game was a bad bad example to use if you think Chelsea were being sore losers then. Probably one of the biggest injustices I have ever seen in football. I do wonder whether something went on behind the scenes there. Dont think Barca were involved, but those refereeing desicions that night were obsurd!

    • You tw...ats have such short memorie,s, you talk sh...Yte about decisions going against manure, just stop and think C*nt face, just stop and think. WEL DONE CHELSKI.

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      • on balance i think a draw was fair.

        luiz should have been off but then so should have vidic before he got his 2nd yellow.

        i think it big matches some refs wrongly give players a 2nd chance if they are already on a yellow. for example they need to commit 3 yellow card offences before getting 2 yellows & a red.

        poll is a good example back in the day for arsenal v utd matches when they were both battling for the title.

        there would have been about 3 or 4 reds everytime they met if he had givent the correct decisions.

        i understand its all part of taking the importance of the game into refs decisions but this unfair as in a wigan v blackpool game someone will get 2 yellows & no extra chance.

        i dont know how utd fans, fergie & phelan can complain after what rooney did at the wkend & then he goes & scores in a game he shouldnt be allowed to play in!

        also 1 of the late challenges from luiz was on rooney who shouldnt have been playing.

        i think it would have been a harsh handball on JT.

        dont forget i wanted utd to win for tottenhams sake.

        id feel hard done by that luiz wasnt sent off if i were a utd fan BUT u couldnt really complain after what rooney did at the wkend & in this game he should have been banned for.

        how can fergie come out & moan about the ref yet say at the wkend that there was nothing in rooneys challenge?!

        how can phelan complain after saying at the weekend that the refs decision on the pitch should always stand!

        i dont know why fans especially utd fans find it so hard to be a little bit objective.

    • I thought the Luiz/Rooney incident was just karma.

      Rooney should have got a red last week. Luiz should have got a red this week.

      Rooney should not have been playing, but scored. Luiz should not have been playing, but scored.

      Torres was crap again, so Vidic picked on Ramires to get his marching orders.

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      • cant really complain about the decisions myself.
        Luiz should have got a second yellow but he didnt. End of really.
        The penalty was a soft one, but they're given like that all the time. We'd all be arguing it was a stone waller had it been awarded in our favour. Smalling was unlucky and Zhirkov looked for the pen, any player on either team would have done the same.

        On balance, I think a draw would have been fair. We dominated the first half. Second half was more even with Chelsea edging it.

        Even if we go on and lose the title, I will still say this squad has over achieved this season, especially with the gash midfield we have. If we do lose the title, it might force the proverbial cheque book open....

    • roblaw - I bet you never lived within a hundred miles of Old Trafford in your life

      Muaaahahahahaaha HAAAA

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