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  • According to Graham Poll 4 players should have been sent off yesterday - Carragher for his appalling tackle on Nani, Rodriquez for a reckless challenge which left Rafael with stud marks down his upper thigh, Rafael for the reckless challenge that followed that incident and Saurez for pulling Rafael`s hair in the pushing & shoving which followed that challenge. Poll also points out that if the ref had acted on Rodriquez`s tackle neither of the last two incidents would have happened. Must admit Ididn`t se the Rodriquez or Suarez incidents and I don`t recall seeing them replayed during the game so if tv and the viewers missed them then its no wonder the ref did. However, that`s not the issue I want to raise. We know that the fa won`t take actiion over either Carragher or Rafael because the ref saw both tackles and dealt with both players during the game, howver he appears to have missed boith the Rodriquez and Suarez`s incidents which surely means that they can take retrospectve action. Also will the press call for the fa to take action or do they do that with only utd players

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    • Ah, ok. He sounded like Deeprick

    • That guy you're replying to isn't Deeprick. He's a Liverpool fan.

    • Hi Stef

      Yes, I've seen him live plenty of times for both England & Liverpool and I wouldn't describe him as having "average technique". More to the point, I don't think many players, managers, pundits or opposition fans would describe him as that either which is why I was laughing at your description.

      But, just to play along, how many of the midfielders in this country have a better technique in your opinion? Given that he's "average", there must be at least 40/50 you can name? Right?

      ps ...

      "PFA Player of the Year in 2005-06 and Football Writers Association Player of the Year in 2008-09. Selected for the PFA Premiership Team of the Season for each of the last six seasons"

      But I guess you're right ... just an average player.

    • I can agree with that. Its strange, even in a press black out Fergie seems he can still direct the post match spin away from his players performance.

    • To be fair, there was plenty of comments about the players and the actual game made by several of us on here, it just seems that these couple of threads about the refs decisions have gotten a little carried away and taken over.

      We were just nowhere near good enough on Sunday and you were more than worthy winners. Our midfield was poor (again). Scholes and Carrick were so slow in the centre they barely tracked a single run through the middle, Mereiles in particular allowed to saunter through with ease. The midfield didn't offer the weakened defence the protection it needed either. Silly mistakes for the second and third goals didn't help either. A player will never score an easier hattrick!

    • I'm not taking anything away from him Steve. I of course can't stand him, but that does not mean I don't respect him or what he's accomplished, and playing the mind games is part of that.

      But got to wonder after a poor result, like at Stamford Bridge and Anfield, why so few MU fans seem to question the players or the manager, but instead have had their attention focused on the refs.

    • I don't think he is Dave. Fergie gets questioned plenty by the fans. I've questioned several of his tactical and selection decisions this season myself. But at the end of the day I still respect him as a great manager for this club and I wouldn't swap him for anyone.

    • Great couple posts which really get to what is really happening. As you say smoke and mirrors.

      My only question is, over whose eyes is Fergie pulling the hat over?

      Got to think its different each time, but at times could it actually be the Utd supporters he's trying to distract? Yes he's shielding his players, yes he's getting the press to talk about something else, and maybe winding up opposing fans and managers at the same time, but is he also stopping you lot, the man u supporters, from actually questioning the boss also?

    • i asked what was the difference between scholes challenge on lucas compared to the one made on curly boy.
      scholes foot was high studs showing catching lucus in the stomach.
      rodriques foot was high studs showing catching curly boy on the hip.
      imo m8 you dont have your own veiw just that of what the press and the pundits have to say.

    • It makes Rooney not much better. He's also been overrated to the high heavens because he's English, just not as much as Gerrard. I don't see how it's funny stating that he has average technique at best - the number of times he loses the ball is actually atrocious. Have you ever watched him playing for England?

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