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  • Rafael and Fabio - great pace, good understanding between them and not afraid to take players on, oh and they are not bad at defending. Along with Smalling and Hernandez they represent the future of utd.

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    • fair enough syco.

      jul, u blame students for messing up didsbury area.

      so who do u blame for harpurhey, moss side, chadderton, moston, salford?

      i dont like the south east either jul.

    • sb I your dislike for manchester influenced by the mess your student type friends make of the Didsbury area ? Seeing as you have supposedly finished UNI and you dislike Manchester so much pack your bag and stick your thumb out back to the inflated knocker in the south east ? where so many look down their noses at anyone new going in their pub

    • It wasnt so much picking up on your spelling spursbabe, as just trying to interject a bit of light hearted humour into proceedings.

      I happen to actually think that the responses from some to your posts are pretty OTT and ridiculous. Continue posting your views here, some value those of others!

    • i ment east didsbury but glad to see theirs another sad utd fan who gets over excited by spelling mistakes.

      asking where abouts in manchester i live is an odd question ian.

      i dont care what u think, your the 1 who asks me a question & then has no answer after i reply except an insult or moving on to a new question.

      i cant afford to live anywhere better than manchester im afraid.

      but great advice ian. im sure the down & outs in moss side would have moved to sumwhere nice if only they knew they could move.

    • "easy didsbury"

      Ha! Freudian slip there I think!!


    • I think you're a bullshitter, and why the fuck would I want to 'stalk' you ? Oh, and you're not forced to live in Manchester , if indeed you even live there.

    • why are u going to stalk me?

      is this 1 of ur weird games to prove im lieing!

      jesus, loads of ppl live in manchester, its not so unheard of.

      withington by the way.

      use to live in easy didsbury which is close to it.

      i went to man met which isnt far from withington.

      theres 1000s of other students & ex students who live round this way.

      i get the bus to picadilly and then a tram to old trafford & then u walk straight, past the cricket ground on the left & then further up u cross a main rd with a little island in the middle. then theres a few diff shops like betting shop, newsagent, burger & chips place. u keep walking down & on the left is the little train station, keep going & u will see the megastore on the left.

      wow that was worth writing.

      yes i could easily find out about withington, east didsbury, the route to old trafford & whats around it without having been so this proves nothing.

      but yes, its all true.

      im hardly proud of living in manchester, its a dump.

    • So, where abouts are you living in Manchester ?

    • still making yourself look more stupid i see. i was pointing out u missed some of my grammer errors.

      but this sums u up,

      u ask me how i got the right to judge people yet u judge pro footballers despite that fact u never were any good at football.

      il end with that as u will just change the argument to something else random as always.

      il leave u to keep deluding youself on this thread ian.

    • Careful slaphead, if you get yourself any more worked up than you already are, you might trigger a heart attack or end up having a stroke.

      An old bloke like you should be taking it easy at your time of life, you have yourself a 'nice cup of tea' and chill out in your chair.

      Get that blanket over your legs, it may be sunny today, but it's not that warm!


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