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  • All bullshit by the sound of it.

    Apparently he was in training this morning, .

    The hype following his injury and way it was reported by the Man U loving media you would think his leg was snapped into two by Carra's tackle.

    Nani will not be back until after International break, he might break a fingernail before that haha the big girls blouse.

    ps, 'Djourou out for season' ............ now this is serious stuff, NOT the media bollocks on Nani.


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    • I'll have to agree to disagree on the relative danger level of the 3 players. While Carra does put in his fair share of lets say cynical fouls (like most veteran centre backs) I don't see him as a dangerous or dirty player. Personally I see Scholes in that role. Fine distributer of the ball I'll give him that, but lets just say I'd not compliment his timing when it comes to tackles.

      On Rafael, age maybe a factor, but at some point the lad needs to know, or be told 2 legs in studs up, off the ground is not acceptable. Sooner or later it will result in a nasty injury, and your club potentially being a man down. Yes he's young, but he's had a fair run in your first team and he's working under the most experienced coach in league. Plus, its not even close to the first time we've seen him challenge that way.

    • Lets be honest here the only reason arsenal fans didn`t make a big song and dance about Djourou`s injury is because it was caused by a collison with a teammate.

    • dsteer my problem with knocking Rafeal is that he's young and its obviously down to down to enthusiasm but you are right he is sailing close to the wind and I have winced a couple of times when he's been overly eager and could have got red carded. can you say that when its Caragher ? He's had time to become level headed and more level headed. and before you say it Scholesy generally knows exactly what he's doing when anouncing himself to an opponent, I think Carrager is the more dangerous of the 3 though

    • Jul, I agree with you, it does not matter if your the nicest person in the world or even Roy Keane, if you tackle in a dangerous way you should be called out.

      So, have you (as I have on Carra) called out Rafael?

    • Nani has only just had his stitches out and done bike exercises. He has not trained with the team.

      So he was lucky it wasn't worse. And you condemn him for that? What sort of person are you, Deeprick?

    • No I'm not, and if you'd read what I've said on this board on the subject you'd know that.

      What I'm asking is a simple question, what is worse, a 1 legged sliding tackle on the ground wit studs up, a 2 legged off the ground lunge with studs up, and to satisfy the one poster add in a high foot around thigh height?

      From what I've read on this board it seems many think the first, but is that was because their was contact resulting in an injury it should have no relevance, but considering the injury resulted in missing just one game, is that less so now? Or is just because one was committed by a Liverpool player (so it must be heinous) while the other a Utd player (so it must be just youthful exuberance)?

    • yackle ? Tackle

    • "I mean if he'd been a better jumper he would not have got hurt and Carra would not be a villain, right ?" So are you defending Carra's yackle , by citing another tackle ?

    • It does beg the question how hurt was he? Bad gash, yes. Most likely painful, yes. Could have been a red, yes. But was it up to all the hype?

      If Carra had caught him on the shin guard, and not cut the lad, would there have been as much uproar, demand for more inches in the papers, and honest if this was not a game against Liverpool, would any of you thought a one legged sliding tackle on the ground with, yes, studs up, was any worse than the 2 legged off the ground studs up challenge that happened minutes later?

    • Wahey slayer has a new id, why hide mate? It's not like you're smart enough :)

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