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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Mar 15, 2011 05:38 Flag

    Nani's injury?

    I'm not going to go as far as Roy and say the injury is a fake, but if he can have his stitches out in a week then it was the most minor cut to the bone I've ever heard of, or he had some extra strong horse placenta rubbed on there to help with the healing process.

    Bottom line, it was a foul, and Carra was lucky not to see red, no disputing that. But the indignity on here for what turns out to look like a cut fixed with butterfly stitches, so the lad misses one game and will be able to play in the CL tomorrow (Fergie's words not mine), is a little OTT.

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    • So Deeprick, Woy & Dsteer, are you going to hot foot it over to the Arsenal board and moan there as Djourou could be back in action by the end of the month.

      Not bad, considering the initial prognosis was he was out for the rest of the season.

      Do you think Wenger was faking the seriousness of the injury?

    • You just don't get it do you, Dsteer. Carragher makes a potential leg breaking tackle but luckily doesn't and the damage isn't as bad as first thought.

      Nani heals quicker than expected and now you're using that as an excuse for Carragher. Unbelieveable.

      Everyone thought it was bad at the time otherwise they wouldn't have stretchered him off.

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      • Eric, maybe you've lost the plot or just are not reading very closely. I'm not pardoning Carra's tackle. I've said clearly he was lucky not to see red. However if your so upset about bad tackles, potentially leg breaking tackles, why are you not having a go at Rafael?

        Come on, don't you know 2 legs off the ground, studs up, means he has no control, and if he makes contact (and he's not flying through the air trying to swat flies) he could break bones. Or, don't you get it?

      • oh what am I saying, I completely agree with you Eric.
        what I have noticed is how many people have been saying that Carragher is not that type of player, i'm sorrry but I don't thgink I have dreamt the one occession in many matches that he's done identical chalenges ? I'm sorry but he does at least one calculated nasty tackle in each match.
        and just for those making light of the tackle how about them giving us a standing kick at their shin and see how much they think of it then ...the only good part of it was that Nani's foot was not planted or we would have potentially been looking at another Valencia injury,
        And if you think I have a softy outlook to tackles take a look at my previous comments about players hamming it up