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  • The Levy The Levy Mar 15, 2011 19:40 Flag

    United Skinheads (NOT!)

    Given that Butch the Div has ridiculously claimed that United's away support in the seventies were all skinheads, I was wondering if anybody could spot a single skin in this footage? Or are they all wearing wigs?


    The notion that United had loads of skins in the seventies is made doubly ludicrous given the fact that skins were generally pretty right-wing and flocked behind the Union Jack, whereas United were regarded as a Catholic pro-Irish club.

    Further proof that Butch never went in the seventies.

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    • don't know why I am bothering to answer this but hey this thread is all over the show ...skinheads 2007 have little connection with
      skinheads from the early seventies All clubs had their share of the seventies and many at the norwich game had grown their hair by then. I don't see why certain people turned on spurs baby in this thread she from time to time posts more sense than others on this board and at least she sticks by her ID and doesn't make up a couple of dozen others.
      Theres no point rising to the bait of people who think it makes them look big, to attempt to bully people in reality they never win anything although they've won this cyber fight or other

    • how have i become defensive? i just its irrelevant.

      we still have a lot of players that i think arent good enough.

      pav, keane, bentley, corluka, jenas, bassong off the top of my head

    • What a tosser you are SCUM, if the truth doesn't suit your bollocks, make it up!

      "The notion that United had loads of skins in the seventies ..."

      Then you "prove" it by posting ....

      "Red Army visit Norwich 1997"

      You're a self-opinionated prick, SCUM, as others have often pointed out.

      PS: Good on Spursbabe for taking you down a peg or two!

    • You should know after the chinning Lee Bowyer and living in paradise incident that Butch if full of the smelly brown stuff.

      I had a Glaswegian subcontractor on a project of mine a couple of years back who took great pride and pleasure in claiming that he was one of the many football hooligans that Man U had back in the 1970s.

      If his workrate had been anywhere near as good as the crap that came out of his mouth on a daily basis, then he would have been a legend on site.

      To me he was a typical Man U fan, as in, doesn't come from Manchester and doesn't have a lot going on upstairs.


    • give it a rest levy.

      everyone knows u are the only proper real utd fan on here & the rest just jumped on the glory bandwagon!

      u were laughed at for being anti glazer just like a small section of utd fans i saw protesting against the glazers yrs ago.

      majority of other utd fans made fun & laughed at the few glazer protesters.

      every home utd game i worked at the same few would protest whilst the rest mocked.

      then foward a yr or 2 & suddenly all these mockers are wearing green & gold & singing glazers out.

      its pathetic!

      it just shows they dont think for themselves & jump on bandwagons, whether its glory utd or anti glazer.