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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 18, 2011 00:25 Flag

    United and Fergie SCARED of (A)rsenal!

    Following on from my EXCLUSIVE expose that Sir Blubber Nose got HUNG OUT TO DRY by the FA yesterday this landmark event has now taken an even more incredible turn this afternoon... FERGIE and UNITED have accepted the ban and massive fine WITHOUT APPEAL!

    BUT WHY, he's innocent? i hear you armchair plastics cry into your Lidls prawn cocktail crisp packets... because Man Ure are DESPERATE to get the POOREST LOSER in world football on the touchline for the Farcenal tilt... that's why!

    I'm sure that most unbiased Mancs will concur that this is an absolute DISGRACE and further evidence of CHEATING and HYPOCRISY at the Theatre of Wet Dreams.

    IF SAF believed he was innocent WHY isn't he going before the FA to argue his case and get the ban REDUCED.... because Man Ure, Fergie and YOU are sh(i)tting your y-fronts about the Gooners and cannot take the risk.........Face it lads, Farcenal and Wenger are in your HEAD!!



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