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  • and what great substitutions from SAF - they key one was bringing on Hernandez as his pace caused the west ham defence all sorts of problems.

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    • Great comeback. I said at half time the game was crying out for Hernandez to come on. Why oh why we went for the crap 4-5-1 formation again I really don't know. I thought we played some decent football in the first half, but we needed another striker on the pitch.

      Silly penalties to give away, the second debatable as to whether it was in the box or not, but still a clumsy challenge. Vidic was lucky to stay on the pitch either side of half time, it wasn't really his day.

      A bold move from Fergie to take Evra off, but thankfully it paid off. Superb hattrick from Rooney. Its about time he took the freekicks, thank god Nani was on the bench at that point! Great touch and strike for the second and confident penalty to complete the comeback. I thought the penalty was harsh on Upson though to be honest, his arm was by his side and close to the ball.

      Full marks to Valencia for his performance. He created a lot down the right, and he's slotted back in with ease despite the long lay off.

      A deserved win in the end because I thought we dominated this game for the majority, it was just 2 silly errors that so easily could have cost us on another day. A big 3 points in the title race.

    • And Berba brought a lot of composure in the attack. You can't make spectacular comebacks every week, but there is something about this United side, despite all its weaknesses that we go on about.

    • well done on a gret fightback. i was worried u were going gift arsenal a big advantage in the league.

      rooneys finishing was outstanding. that shows what he is still capable of.

      im still suprised fergie went with just 1 up against a dodgy hammers defence. i would have dropped gibson for either hernandez or berbatov.

      strange game because u pretty much domaniated the 1st half but came in 2-0 down.

      the only way they were going to score was through your own defenders mistakes.

      i held my breath a few times when vidic should have been sent off but luckily mason bottled it again.

      the trip for the 1st pen should have been a yellow, then the last man foul should have been red & then when he took down cole near the halfway line should have been a yellow!

      i think vidic could have headbutted someone & mason would have just given a free kick lol.

      the linesman got rooneys pen wrong, how is that ever a pen against upson?!

      the vidic foul on cole was very close.i thought it was on the line which is a pen but on some angles it looks just outside.

      it was impossible to tell in normal motion which is why i think refs should always give a free kick on the edge if u arent sure.

      i dont know how he could have been sure it was inside but i guess the fact cole fell a few yards in the box can make it look like a pen.

      so in the end probably 1 wrongly awared pen each.

      but the big mistake was not sending off vidic. how many lives did he get? in the end he commited 1 red card offence & 3 yellow card offence but ended up with 1 yellow.

      valencia looks good already, glad to see him back as im a fan of him. worse iv seen vidic & smalling for a while. evra still doesnt look too interested. gibson still doesnt look up to utd standard. carrick & park did ok. rooney was top quality. giggs hit & miss.
      hernandez & berbatov were a threat.

      huge 3pts because i expect arsenal to hammer blackburn.

      i hope the hammers stay up.