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  • Steve Steve Apr 6, 2011 04:41 Flag

    Spurs and Inter

    Out of it already after the first leg barring a miracle.

    This just looked one game too far for Spurs, cracking effort upto this point for them, but it was too easy for Madrid tonight, especially after Crouchs clumsy challenges left them a man down after 15 minutes. A very well done to them and Harry Redknapp for getting this far at least.

    Stunned by the Inter result. I thought it might be a close game, but even after they were reduced to 10 men, I never would have expected to see them get stuffed 2-5 at the San Siro. So it's going to be the Germans Schalke for either us or Chelsea in the semi barring a massive turn around in the second leg.

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    • Gutted at result hoped for more from my favorite London team
      Better luck next year.
      Man U Fan

    • I wasn`t aware that there is a specific rule about swearing at the camera and if there is why didn`t the fa use it when Rooney swore at a camera when playing for England. Oh silly me, he was representing the fa on that occasion and they still harboured dreams of winning the world cup.

    • In keeping with the whole swearing thing, is Crouch now going to get a further suspension after clearly shouting "f*ck off!" to the ref?

    • a bad night for spurs which started even before the kickoff when they had to replace Lennon at short notice. But sorry I don`t go along with the idea that`s why the conceded the first goal, there was no way in a million years that Lennon was due to mark one of the big guys in the real madrid team let alone Adebayor. But even conceding an early goal wasn`t that great a disaster cause there was still plenty of time for them to get back in to teh game. The kilelr blow was the sending off of Crouch and you have to say that the ref had no choice. Having been booked for one poor tackle to then go and commit the same offence again was poor judgement by a very experienced player.

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      • thanks for the complements.

        i always thought madrid would be too strong for us BUT im sure we would have giving them a good game if crouch wasnt stupid & got himself sent off.

        i think our performance showed we havent got the CL experience u & chelsea have got. we have had 3 players sent off in the competition.

        lennon was a miss going foward but i dont think it affected the 1st goal. we couldnt handle adebayor in the air.

        didnt think your old boy ronaldo played that well. shame he still dives too. should have been booked for that.

        i think we will end up 5th or 6th now in the premiership

        inters defensive side is shocking but was still suprised they lost by so many to schalke.

        its basically a semi final between u & chelsea now.

      • Agree. Lennon would have made no difference to conceding the goal, but his pace down the right could have made a difference for them. Ref was right to send off Crouch and had a good game. Even if they had kept 11 men on the pitch, I still think Madrid would have won comfortably as they were well on top in the first 15 minutes. Has Van Der Vaart finished a full 90 minutes this season!? (still a great buy for them though)

    • seems I should have watched the game ..but hard luck Spurs and I actually think i would prefer to play Schalke than Harry he often seems to be able to upset us...just hope roo behaves himself we all know how eufa like to jump on the bandwagon