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  • syco291 syco291 Apr 7, 2011 16:34 Flag

    Post Match Interviews

    Think you may have added your own little satire on the end there. But yes, I felt like that was the general jist of it. Cech handled the questions very well.
    It does irritate me though. If you dont give the interviews you get fined (as Fergie looks like he is going to be). If you do, and answer the questions fielded to you, you get banned/fined.

    The more I see from the FA these days, the more I think they havent got a clue!

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    • There is a 3rd way though Syco ... just do what Petr did last night and resist calling the referee unfair.

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      • rio is funny. he thinks he is still from the streets the way he talks to black street kids. & his twits- he actually thinks he is an intellect (kind of like ian).

        "I believe that the community can make a difference but it's important for people to come forward and talk to police," Ferdinand said.

        In the appeal the 32-year-old, calls for people "to stand out from the crowd and be the best person you can be," and asks for witnesses to contact detectives

        yes rio, the people from the streets werent going to come foward BUT now a guy from the streets who has made it to the top asks them to come foward, so how could they possible say no to rio.

        its cringing how much respect he thinks he has in those places.

        ian- who cares if he has made a personal plea. any celeb or sportsman can do that. we shouldnt start being idiots & say how great of rio to take time out of his busy schedule to release a statement of a few sentances.

        is if it will have any effect on the murder case anyway.

        just shows how big is ego is.

        real clever arent u rio, cant even remember to go to a drugs test.

    • I may have slightly imagined some of it.

      Maybe the only people who should ever get interviewed are goalkeepers. They often give the impression that they have more intellect than the rest of the team put together. Certainly I'd rather hear from VDS than Rooney or Ferdinand. Rooney's interviews are ridiculous for his embarrassment and his desperation not to say the wrong thing, against his whole instinct. Ferdinand thinks he's an intellectual but just comes over as Plug, in looks and words.