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    Post Match Interviews

    This issue has been raised in the past, but its really starting to p*ss me off now. The FA cannot keep forcing players and managers to do these interviews, then charging them when they are pressured into saying something "juicy" by the post match interviewer!

    Last night, Petr Cech was the victim. The first question the interviewer asked was "You've been in the Chelsea dressing room, what do you and all the lads think about the ref missing that penalty right at the end". Cech answered very diplomaticallly, only to have it followed up by "But can you believe the ref has missed a penalty shout that obvious".

    He stonewalled the journalist and handled it well to be fair, but the interviewer was more or less forcing him to criticise the ref, for which he would then be charged for. What do the authorities expect when the players and managers more or less have words put into their mouth!

    As I say, its really starting to f*ck me off now. If the FA dont want refs criticised, then tell the journo's to stop encouraging it!!

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    • Yes. I thought Cech's interview was priceless. I don't remember it word for word but it went something like:

      Petr, what do the Chelsea players think about not being awarded a stonewall penalty at the end there?

      PC: Well, everyone can see what happened. You can see it on the telly. But the one important person who didn't see anything was the referee so it was no penalty. United played very well and got their goal and left us with a mountain to climb at Old Trafford. So we have to go and climb the mountain. We can do it.

      "But can you believe the penalty wasn't given?"

      PC: Well, it wasn't given. It doesn't matter if I believe it or not, it wasn't given, so now we have to go and win.

      "So what was the difference between you and United tonight."

      PC: They scored a goal and we didn't.

      "So what do Chelsea have to do to win this tie?"

      PC We have to go to OT and score and win the match.

      "And don't you think that if the referee had awarded you a stone-wall penalty this would make the game fairer?"

      PC Well, he didn't give a penalty so we have to go and score at Old Trafford now.

      "So Petr, if I offer you the Man of the Match award, will you at least say that the officials were incompetent idiots who shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a cup tie?"

      PC: No, I think it is hard for referees to see everything in the moment and the important thing now is for us to go and win.

      "Not even that it was a fucking disgrace"

      PC: No

      "Fuck who? Fuck that? Fuck off?"

      PC: United played well tonight. We'll be trying to win next week.

      "Thank you Petr." [Off-camera] Well, that was a fucking waste of time.


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      • Think you may have added your own little satire on the end there. But yes, I felt like that was the general jist of it. Cech handled the questions very well.
        It does irritate me though. If you dont give the interviews you get fined (as Fergie looks like he is going to be). If you do, and answer the questions fielded to you, you get banned/fined.

        The more I see from the FA these days, the more I think they havent got a clue!

    • "Didn't see it.

      Robert " Well , maybe you should see it, then apologise.

    • i wasnt moaning about it. ian brought it up as thou we should all be grateful to rio for making a statement to the kids in londons ghettos lol.

      i said rio thinking he can still connect to the poor black areas on london makes me laugh ian.

      u just get dumber with each things u say ian.