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  • Eds Eds Apr 7, 2011 19:42 Flag

    Rooney appeal

    When will the idiots who run the FA be replaced / removed from running our game. Rooney has admitted his guilt requested that his ban be reduced issued an apology ....What else does he have to do ???
    I seem to recall when he was on England duty and he was swearing at the cameras about the England fans on his way off the pitch NO action was taken by the FA (And even FIFA didn't poke their noses in) as I guess that they thought his absence would be detrimental to the England team ....HYPOCRITES

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    • i think we are so quick to take responsibility away from ppl these days.

      & this is the cas again with rooney.

      lets blame the cameraman or the media.

      if rooney doesnt act like an angry idiot then theres no prob.

      what next? u can celebrate by doing a wanka sign to the camera?

      its ok because most kids now what a wanka sign is.


      its the camera mans thought for getting to close.

      its like taking the blame away from your rooneys & crouchs for cheating, by blaming it on the girls who hand it to them on a plate.

      its still rooney/crouch choosing to cheat.

      we are turning into a blame everyone but me for my actions nation.

      the blame culture is rife.