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  • The Levy The Levy Apr 7, 2011 18:46 Flag

    Rooney appeal

    The ridiculous thing is that in every single match you can lip-read players effing and blinding when a decision doesn't go their way, or even when a shot goes agonisingly wide. If all the players were wearing microphones every game would sound like an episode of The Osbournes.

    This is the absurd thing about Dave Steer's viewpoint - swearing goes on all over the pitch. And let's not forget the crowd who are perfectly audible and somewhat given to colourful language. Should they all be banned from games? And God forbid that cameras and microphones ever enter the dressing-room at half-time! This is all a storm in a teacup. When will people get real? Gerrard hired a gangster to shoot a man in the face, he battered a bloke in a bar, yet he is still a cuddly role model, whereas Wayne utters one of the most commonly used words in the English language and is crucified by the middle-class media and outraged of Tunbridge Wells types like DSteer.

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    • Agree John.

      I do think Rooney was silly to do what he did and I think swearing at officials does need clamping down on if the FA are serious about their respect campaign, but the punishment doesn't fit the crime for me for Rooney, and it was the wrong thing to make an example of. I am not surprised that the ban wasn't reduced though, its rare for the FA to ever back down, right or wrong.

    • Not sure what I have to do with Tunbridge Wells, but there you go. Actually if you read my posts a little more closely you'd know I never thought a ban was justified so I agree with many of the mancs on here that the FA got not just the initial judgment wrong, but missed by a mile a chance to make up for it on the appeal, especially when Rooney imo did the right thing by admitting the offense and only tried to appeal the severity of the punishment.

      It’s also a bit ridiculous trying to paint me into a corner on this as that is obviously not what I posted. Of course players and supporters swear, but there is a big difference between a player swearing under his breath out of frustration, or yelling out due to pain compared with what Rooney did. Did you actually see it? He stood right in front of the lens and swore....twice!

      If you find the worst curse words to be protected speech, and in your house you enjoy letting the expletives fly all day long no matter who is in the room I can't tell you to change your ways, I'd just ask you not to impose that vulgarity on me. In addition if your so offended that the so called working class game you love so much will be changed beyond recognition if the worst and most egregious cases such as deliberately swearing into a camera, or right in the refs face are punished, I suppose with all due respect I'll have to very politely disagree.

    • So a professional foul can be a straight red, which in fact is a harsher sentence than a two match ban (because a straight red sends you down to ten men, a ban just gives a Rooney a rest). And yet a professional foul is generally more minor than other offences carrying lesser sentences, particularly when the professional foul is accidental.

      Maybe define it as "Unprofessional Foul Language". The football authorities probably have a need to penalise it when it is done to camera because the TV companies have a need to keep it off air to stay the right side of the regulators.

      Maybe this is the first step in controlling swearing on the pitch. I'd like to see players banned (or sin-binned) for swearing at the ref. I'd be rather more lenient on people being cross with themselves.

      Let's get this proletarian nonsense out of our game, eh?


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      • But the TV companies can't keep such language off the air, Robert, as your own supporters demonstrated last night. So your argument is that even if the crowd chant "You Fat Bastard!" or "The Referee's a Wanker" loudly and audibly that it will have no impact on the TV audience, but a player uttering a particular word does have an impact? Here is a chant you hear regularly at OT that is often clearly audible:

        "My Old Man said be a City fan
        I said bollocks you're a cunt
        I'd rather shag a bucket with a big hole in it
        Than be a City fan for just one minute."

        Forewarned is forearmed. I can assure you that that chant will be perfectly audible in the FA Cup semi against City. Dave Steer take note!!!