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  • Rooney's appeal against his ban has, unsurprisingly, failed.
    So, the FA's Kangaroo Court, headed by City fan Bernstein, has its pound of flesh.
    Let's see what happens in any future case.

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    • So the FA has dug a mighty big whole for itself.

      United fans will now want every player seen swearing, starting with Crouch, treated the same.

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      • The ridiculous thing is that in every single match you can lip-read players effing and blinding when a decision doesn't go their way, or even when a shot goes agonisingly wide. If all the players were wearing microphones every game would sound like an episode of The Osbournes.

        This is the absurd thing about Dave Steer's viewpoint - swearing goes on all over the pitch. And let's not forget the crowd who are perfectly audible and somewhat given to colourful language. Should they all be banned from games? And God forbid that cameras and microphones ever enter the dressing-room at half-time! This is all a storm in a teacup. When will people get real? Gerrard hired a gangster to shoot a man in the face, he battered a bloke in a bar, yet he is still a cuddly role model, whereas Wayne utters one of the most commonly used words in the English language and is crucified by the middle-class media and outraged of Tunbridge Wells types like DSteer.

      • That's "hole", Eric.


    • When will the idiots who run the FA be replaced / removed from running our game. Rooney has admitted his guilt requested that his ban be reduced issued an apology ....What else does he have to do ???
      I seem to recall when he was on England duty and he was swearing at the cameras about the England fans on his way off the pitch NO action was taken by the FA (And even FIFA didn't poke their noses in) as I guess that they thought his absence would be detrimental to the England team ....HYPOCRITES

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      • i think we are so quick to take responsibility away from ppl these days.

        & this is the cas again with rooney.

        lets blame the cameraman or the media.

        if rooney doesnt act like an angry idiot then theres no prob.

        what next? u can celebrate by doing a wanka sign to the camera?

        its ok because most kids now what a wanka sign is.


        its the camera mans thought for getting to close.

        its like taking the blame away from your rooneys & crouchs for cheating, by blaming it on the girls who hand it to them on a plate.

        its still rooney/crouch choosing to cheat.

        we are turning into a blame everyone but me for my actions nation.

        the blame culture is rife.

    • "We've already established lots of players swear at European jreferees without getting bans for it. It was purely because he did it to camera wih a big nasty f word (albeit after 9pm) that he got the ban" So you thought it was harsh ? Am I misunderstanding " it was purely because he did it to camera with a nasty f word"

    • All this talk about working class and middle class reminds me of that series with John Prescott when he said to a young woman in a run down area that she was working class and she told him she wasn`t cause she didn`t work. Its also wort noting that those sections of the press that like to label football a `working class` sport seem totally unaware of the history of the game and the fact that for many years in the 19th century the most successful team in the fa cup were the Old Etonians and that until blackburn won the trophy towards the end of the century their main rivals were other old boys teams such as Charterhouse.

    • "So now Mason is corrupt and in Man City's pocket? Where did that come from?" Now did I write that ? Don't think I did. But , do you deny that the ex-chairman of Man City is not the chairman of the FA ?

    • I misread the final sentence in your response to Robert. Apologies for that. That said, regardless of their middle-class origins, you cannot deny that the members of these extreme right groups today are primarily working class.

      You can go on about 'middle-class ponces' all you like. I think you'll find that the reason that many middle-class people have a problem with those from the working class is because they have been blameless victims of ASBO-esque behaviour. I know I have.

    • Stefan, you perhaps shouldn't jump to conclusions so easily. I was involved with anti-fascist groups for a number of years. So I can easily attest that your "utter tripe" jibe is based on a lack of knowledge.

      Let's take Combat 18/Headhunters & the notorious Chris Henderson for starters. Henderson despite his claims to being white and working-class was actually the son of a Lord and was educated at Charterhouse public school. Ian Stuart Donaldson of Skrewdriver fame was also a middle-class boy. Don't be deceived by appearances.

      The NF's leadership was almost totally middle-class: Colin Jordan, John Tyndall, Martin Webster, Griffin, etc, etc.

      These groups did attract working-class support, but nearly all of those people came from Tory-voting families and consequently had anti-working-class politics.

    • We've already established lots of players swear at European jreferees without getting bans for it. It was purely because he did it to camera wih a big nasty f word (albeit after 9pm) that he got the ban.

      Drogba's ban hasn't stopped players swearing at European referees, nor got them banned, nor caused United fans to whinge on and on about unfairness to Drogba. This ain't no different.

      It will sink in eventually.


    • So robert, let's take your logic and agree Rooney should have been banned, fair enough. Can you explain in a non-pompous way why Ashley Cole is not in prison now, after bringing a gun into work, and shooting someone, or why the FA seems to think shooting someone is not a serious offence ?

    • i don't remember coming to a conclusion about whether I thought it harsh or not. You can trawl through the relevant posts and enlighten me if you like. I think I was entirely more bothered about the outrageous refereeing and its implications than Drogba getting his normal holiday at the start of thenext CL campaign.


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