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  • To think some people clained that the only reason utd brought him was to boost their image in Korea. Yet another great performance from him capped off with a match winning goal. He may not get that many goals but when he does score they tend to be crucial ones.

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    • maybe be the punchline to the greenhoff story should be tommy went to the doc nad got told he was don juan just before popping round Browns house to see the mrs

    • It's nothing new!

      Brian Greenhoff got concussed once, and in a daze he told Laurie Brown he couldn't remember who he was.

      Docherty told Brown to to wake him up and tell him he was george Best.

    • When I saw Valencia was not picked I wondered why? Then when Park started on the right I was more confused. Just goes to show how little I know! Because Park snuffed out the Cole threat and because he is so good cutting in on his left foot he was continually wrong-footing Cole , as a result United had the clear superiority on a flank usually dominated by Chelsea.
      Park played out of his skin, but the plaudits should also go , as usual, to his Manager.

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      • Greetings from well fed Venezuela. Just popped in to make sure everyone is being nice to each other and not that one team got stuffed over 2 legs just cos they conceded 3 goals to 1, or that the other has an unforgivably cheating time-wasting goal keeper who completely changed the match by getting his centre back to take his kicks. It's funny really cos reading and listening to the pre tie press from afar I thought that Chelsea had been given a bi.
        My only complaint about Ji's goal is we didn't get a shot of the away fans.
        I gave up saying "this would be Ferguson's finest hour" a good twelve years ago, and as I still havent recovered from loosing to Neverkusen all we've got so far is enough for decent omelette, but if he pulls this off then even if Man United lasts for a thousand years then men will still say ....

      • worked his socks off - no fuss- done Korea proud and his SAF. His was goal was a pure pleasure to watch. Giggs, we all ran out of words in the english language to describe him, simply Vintage Gold.
        Add our little gem and compared to many of the many multi million pounds on display it shows why SAF and united are so special