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  • I used to moan at him all the time - thinking he just isn't up to it. But his CL performances, especially, over the last 3 seasons have been brilliant. He does exactly what Fergie asks of him.

    With Valencia back, Rooney back in form and Hernandez looking like he's been around for years, Utd are beginning to look good for the title and another trophy. But there is still jobs to be done. The only concern is defence - I hope Rio is OK.

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    • I have never doubted Parks work rate but where have these goals suddenly come from ..his goal at the end was a touch of anything Drogba can do, Park can do better..
      And how come these players have come back from injury and are instantly playing out of there skins have the found a new recovery program where player come back better than they were before ?...perhaps (miracles) there hope for Hargreaves after all.
      Sorrty I have just seen some pigs flying past the window

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      • Recovery programs nowadays are so high tech that the players return much earlier than before. On top of that, they take the opportunity to also work the injured players' minds. The psycological believe that they're going to come back better and stronger! That's why Park, Valencia and Anderson have all returned with new vigour!

        Park is definitely having a really great season. Even though he doesn't play a lot of games, he's chosen to play the important ones that are more technical and tactical because of his discipline to carry out instructions and his technical knowledge of football. The goals are coming and important ones too! He's got another few years left and I hope he retires from Man Utd as one of the greats!