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  • stefan t stefan t Apr 13, 2011 05:57 Flag

    General observations

    This team is more and more resembling that of 2006-2007 in that we've improved, mostly from within, compared to last year:

    1) Nani has continued his progression, and is now a consistent threat.

    2) Berbatov has gotten fitter, and seems hungrier to succeed.

    3) Chicharito has been absolutely fantastic - a special talent. Good in his link up play too.

    4) Ditto Smalling.

    Tonight, Carrick was outstanding, I'll give him that. His one touch play was reminiscent of Busquets. Very pleased with him today. If he continues in that vain, then I'd like to see how he plays with Wilshere in the England team - we might have a chance of being a fluent side. Still need to strengthen in midfield however in the summer.

    You run out of words to describe Giggs. He was outstanding in the centre, I might have been watching Ozil, left foot and all. Fantastic performance.

    Which leads me on to dear old Wayne. Fucking fantastic! This is the best I've seen him play in 5 odd years. I thought that burst of pace was gone forever, but it's suddenly returned. Willing to drive at players, hardly losing possession as he has done over the last few seasons, and beautiful passing. Willing to attempt the audacious, and playing with that teenage swagger. And playing in the position that we bought him for! Please Fergie, never move him from the 'hole' again - pundits can revel in their goals all they like, I'll have this Rooney over the tap in merchant of last season and the hard working runner of the 3 seasons before that anytime.

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    • Ian, don't mean to start another argument with you, but weren't you saying that Sneijder wasn't good enough for the club?!

      Anyhow, I wouldn't want him now - too old, and too expensive. And could compromise Rooney's position.

    • I think so too stefan. I'd love to see Sneidjer at the club

    • Spot on Stefan, and it needs to be pointed out that this team HAS found another level, despite the fact a couple of the 'usual suspects' only recently were trying to toot their horns by proclaiming that there was no higher gear for this team.

      Total bullsh*t - PROVED.

      Valencia is back and proving what a top class player he is, Rooney has rediscovered his form, which has been the equivalent to replacing a sh*t player with a world class one. Chicharito has progressed from super sub to first choice to striking up a dream partnership with Rooney - all this improvement in just the matter of a few weeks, its phenomenal!

      Even Carrick is bossing top class midfields like Chelski's, and our old fogies are playing like they're in their 20's!

      The FACT is this team can STILL improve (Rafael, Nani, Fabio, Chicarito and Andersons development for example), and thats BEFORE we make one or two quality additions to the squad.

      Oh, and it needs to be said, Pogba is ready for promotion NOW - end of!

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      • Agreed. Obviously not taking it for granted that the league is ours, but it would be great if we could have it won with a game or two to spare and were in a position to give Pogba, Morrison and Tunnicliffe an opportunity to sample life in the first team.

        Rooney has exploded this last few weeks. What a pleasure it is having him in the team playing like this, and what a difference it makes. Hernandez has played his part in that by allowing Rooney to drop deep and play where he is at his best, in the hole and with the freedom to roam all over the pitch. I still have lost a lot of respect for Rooney from the transfer request debacle earlier in the season, and I think he's a bit of a tit as a person to say the least, but as a footballing talent, he's a great asset to have in the team.

        Chicharito has surpassed all expectations and some! He'll break the 20 goal barrier, what an achievement for a debut season. Berbatov must hate this lad a little after finally starting to settle in!

        Valencia is a great athlete, and I think he's actually returned better than he was before. He seems to trust his pace more and is getting in behind fullbacks more than he did before the injury. I didn't expect him to play again this season, so to have him slot back in as if he hasn't been away, right at the crucial stage of the season, has been a big boost to the sqaud.

      • I agree Prof, especially with regards to Pogba. What's happening at Liverpool with Dalglish being forced to play youth teamers, and those players doing relatively well, especially when they're not exceptionally talented, makes me think that introducing one or two slowly no could be worthwhile, especially if we win the league early.

    • O'Shite was shite!

      Fabio should have deputised for Raphael.

      His one decent pass of the game doesn't make up for his crap everywhere else.

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      • 100% agree with your comment regarding O'Shea and Stefan's comments on Wazza.

        Sheasy was a liability yesterday. Hopeless passing out to the right wing and needlessly taking his time on the ball, allowing a Chelski player to close him down before remembering he no longer has the skill to beat a man. Result: a panic stricken and rushed pass out to the wing where it was more-often-than-not intercepted. But on the plus side, his tackling was very good when anyone tried to go one-on-one with him.

        Wazza was absolutely PHENOMENAL last night. The sight of him beating Terry in the air for the ball, running in behind to catch up to his own flicked-on header and then sending in an inch-perfect first time cross into the box was pure poetry in motion. If only Giggsy had buried that free header!!

    • The beauty of the current team is the presence of Hernandez means that Rooney doesn`t have to put in the tap-ins

    • u got hernandez to do the tap in job for u stefan.