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  • says the linesman got both offside decisions right. Have to say I also agree with him about Nani`s waving of imaginery cards - its not nice and its something he needs to cut out.

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    • spursbabe, How mant penalties have United been awarded this season.

    • Hey Ian

      Fair enough & I agree with you about the ref not having the benefit of slow-mo (as I said before, when I saw it in real time it looked like a nail-on red card).

      An interesting point I guess is why did he give a yellow? As you rightly say, with the benefit of hindsight, it was accidental and didn't warrant a card. But the ref at the time thought it was an elbow and therefore, in my limited knowledge of the rules, should have sent him off (albeit wrongly). Are there any budding refs out there who can explain this?

    • devon, u forget im not like your average utd fan who cant admit if 1 of their own did wrong.

      bale clearly dived & should have been booked.
      very disappointed in him & hope he doesnt do it again.
      its the 1st time iv seen him dive.
      i dont want him to become another a nani.

      modric & pav there was contact from madrid players so both could have been given but its tough on the ref to be sure 1 way or the other. so in the end, i agree that refs should only give pens if they are sure, bot just guess like webb does far too often.

      thats why i think utd get a huge advantage. at OT u would have ended up getting 2 out of the 3 pen decisions.

    • "Maybe you should read your last couple of dozen posts here." Maybe you should read the rest of the post, you pompous twat.

    • "Of course I'm not saying he should have a red card."

      You fooled me.

      Maybe you should read your last couple of dozen posts here.


    • What I am saying is , don't jump to conclusions too quickly.

    • Ok pool, I'm saying that the ref doesn't have the luxury of slow motion, does he ? Also, if you look very carefully on the slow motion replay, you can clearly see Terry's elbow move outwards.Of course I'm not saying he should have a red card. My comments before were tongue-in-cheek. Saying that most'observers' were very willing to condemn Rooney's elbow.

    • Ian

      Seriously, are you still saying that Terry should have been sent off for that? I realise at the game it might have looked like a certain red card but have you seen it on the television? If you have then I'm sure you'll see what most other Utd fans have seen - it was accidental.

    • You're going so over the top, and repeating it so much, that I wonder if you have a grip on what really happened at all. If you still have it, watch it again. Watch Terry's action. He's completely focussed on the ball and just sets himself to head it, which he does. Hernandez comes in and is clearly not looking at the ball. Terry is playing the ball, Hernandez is either playing Terry or just out to distract him. Terry then heads the ball cleanly and is plainly mystified when a foul is called against him.

      This may be tricky for you but try to imagine that the defender heading the ball is Rio Ferdinand and the attacker coming in from the side is Drogba. If you can do this, now tell me whether you think Ferdinand should get a red card from the incident.


    • Actually layla, you can clearly see Hernandez say to Terry "you effing pansy, I'm going to dive into your effing elbow" Can't you ?

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