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  • Steve Steve Apr 18, 2011 06:10 Flag

    PFA awards

    Young player of the year:
    Wilshire, runner up Bale, 3rd place Hernandez

    Merit award:
    Howard Webb

    Player of the Year:
    Bale, runner up Nasri, 3rd place Tevez

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    • So, why didn't Giggs get the award in 2000 ? because , according to you, he played brilliantly from the 'climax' of that season, and into the next. Or are votes only taken from the beginning of the next season ?

    • When everybody says Giigs should have won it in '99, it is mainly that he was on fire towards the end of the Treble-winning season, but his form had been pretty poor for much of that season. He came good towards the climax of the campaign, like Rooney appears to be doing at the moment. But nobody would argue that Rooney deserves the PFA award this season, even if he inspires United to win the double. The same was true of Giggs in '99 who certainly hadn't put in consistently good performances for much of the campaign.

    • Hi Eric

      My view was pretty much the same for Giggs although I didn't understand at the time how people can change the meaning of the award to suit the player.

      The award is supposed to be for achievements that season (or at least to the point when it is voted for). Not a lifetime achievement award (in the same way that you are arguing it shouldn't be an award for playing well against a "crap" Italian side).

      So my point remains - it's difficult to see a consistent argument against Bale based on number of games played unless you apply it evenly to Giggs.

      My view for what it's worth - I think they both deserve/deserved it as they were voted for by fellow professionals who play against them.

    • When Giggs won I, along with most United fans, agreed it was for long service recognition rather than for PFA of that year.

      BTW, Bale has played 26 EPL games and scored 7 goals.

    • My mistake. I thought this was the writers one. That should be interesting...

    • Hi Stefan

      That makes no sense. The award is voted for by players not by the premier league so how can it be a marketing ploy?

    • Upto the point of Feb when the votes were made, Bale would have been in my top 2, personally i'd have gone for Nasri over him. Since christmas he's barely played because of injury and hasn't found his top form again yet, which is why I find it daft that the award is voted for half way through the season. I am a fan of Bale, but I don't think he has been the best player over the whole season so far. His 7 goals and 1 assist doesn't come close to Nanis 9 goals and 18 assists. Like I said earlier, if Nani didn't let himself down with some of the reasons you've mentioned, I think not only would he have actually been nominated, he would have been right up there for winning the award.
      I agree that you can pick holes in every player who was nominated, no 1 player has stood out clearly above all others this season.

    • "would have been a lot more of he wasnt a utd player" - the same old bollocks from you yet again.

    • It's simply a marketing ploy. The Premier League are trying to create a world star out of Bale, when he is not close to being one yet. Modric was more deserving of being in the list than Bale. He's been more consistent, and has a better injury record.

    • Hi Ian

      I agree with you about Giggs.

      The post I was replying to was suggesting that Bale shouldn't have won the award as he was the best player in the league for only 3 months. I was (slightly tongue in cheek) just pointing out that when Giggs won the award he wasn't the best player in the league for even one month that season.

      As a reward for his career though, couldn't agree more.

      As for should have won it in 99 ... if you mean 1999-2000 season then I'll bow to your knowledge about whether Keane or Giggs deserved it more.

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