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  • Kevin Kevin May 5, 2011 19:44 Flag

    ticket prices for final

    its a disgrace that the ticket prices are so high...I was just asked for 2600 for two high tier tickets...is there anywhere else in the world that treat their fans this way...I know its a special occasion but thats a liberty..

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    • If you're a season ticket holder you can apply for one of the clubs 29% of tickets today. Barca get the same. Prices set by UEFA. 11% went on general sale earlier in the year. Its the 29% of tickets gone to Corporate sponsers etc. that I find a joke. All they're doing is touting them around for ridiculous money.

      How much are you willing to pay Kevin?

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      • I can't see any reason for the 11% on general sale. These will surely all be bought by touts. I would imagine the 29% to "corporate sponsors" is including the, oooh, off the top of my head, 10% of Wembley that is owned by bond-holders who get the rights to all tickets for all events? And a good chunk will no doubt be for friends of UEFA who will, like the "friends" of the FA getting cup final tickets, sell them on.

        Presumably the other 2% are in Blatter's back pocket.

        I think a fair allocation for club matches like this would be a minimum 40% to each club. In the case of United and Barcelona that would still leave a large proportion of season ticket holders unable to get a ticket.


    • surprise surprise ticket prices from touts .....how many decades has this approach gone on ??? lets face it most european cup finalists can muster 40000 fans for a final without too much effort would account for 80000 tickets and that would be a fairer allocation for any cup final and then the left overs can be given hangers on ...the reality being the leftovers will mostly go to touts but then the hangers on won't be able to line their pockets in the same way and those who lose out may just drop the others in it

    • I expect those are tout prices. The official prices are presumably much lower, but *very* hard to get?


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      • Robert, the official ticket prices were already a joke, upto £325. The problem is the ballot closed in March, which is some time before you would know whether your team would reach the final. Now your left with lots of fans who were lucky enough to get a ticket, but who's team didn't reach the final. They now don't want their tickets, + the ridiculous amount Wembley gives to corporate sponsors. The only way of getting a ticket now is through one of the many tout websites or from a tout on the night. The cheapest you will find from most sites is around £1200 upto and above £4000!

        I found a guy selling 4 from Turkey in pairs for £600 a ticket, the closest thing to a reasonable price out there! I'm still not prepared to pay that much, and there is also the fact as to whether you can trust a complete stranger from a country hundreds of miles away to actually send you legitimate tickets after handing over silly money!

        Personally i'm going to chance it on the night and see what I can get around Wembley nearer kick off time. I suspect its most likely i'll end up watching it in the pub!

      • rob go on line and see the prices...touts will be dearer....you wont get one through the club they arew like rocking horse poo...well rare...some are quoted at 4800 for a pair