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    Barca are the BEST team in Europe, FACT!


    Keep deluding yourselves that an average Man U side who were comprehensively OUTPLAYED and BEATEN by Arsenal - without our best player on the pitch - are better than Barca....

    Barca are simply the BEST team in Europe..... a statement of FACT.

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    • Deeprick using his rleader ID .

    • I haven't read any Utd fans saying "we are going to beat Barca" or "we are better than Barca." Quite the contrary. I think most of us realise we are a little weaker than them and on an average day Barca will beat us. But in a one-off final, who knows and we've got it in us to beat or contain them.

      Also, be careful of using "FACT" in your argument... it's hard to prove as a fact that Barca are the best unless they win something like a full European Super-League (ie a full-season league). Cup competitions don't always prove who's best in Europe (hey Liverpool, 2005).

      And, don't judge a team on one performance in the league. Utd were poor against Arsenal and Arsenal did all they can to beat us (more that they've tried against others).

      Anyway, I should have probably ignored this post but fed up of people saying "....FACT" in their arguments and only seeing things one way.