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    it gets on my nerves when all the newspapers and football clubs gets on man united's backs about singing bad chants because even though we have some chants that probably are offensive, everybody all goes on as if we are the only ones that do it and we are an easy target because other clubs are jealous and its there way of getting back at us rather than on the pitch and the media knows a story about us will send because we are a world wide brand you could say. But liverpool fans are disgusting as they complain about us making a heysel t-shirt but forget about the munich chants they sing and almost believe its there god given right to be able to say anything they want and no one can say anything back. and the city are the worst of the lot with the hundreds of enormously offensive chants and have no respect what so ever. imagine how the families of those who lost someone in the air crash feel when they hear what they sing about. Plus clubs like leeds and many others sing about it and when we retaliate its big news and all the other clubs become really hypocritical, it really gets on my nerves. what are all your views on this????????????

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    • though other fans sing about "munich" and other offensive crap as UTD fans we should know how wrong they are 2 wrongs don't make a right.
      Let the scum be scum. UTD fans in all rite should be above this as they have paid dearly from a disastrous accident.
      Though Haysel wasn't an accident, still none the less it was a complete disaster

    • LMFAO That's a laugh about me dancing to your tune, when it's blatantly obviously that it's the other way around.

      What happened to you not replying to my posts anymore like you claimed you would? You just can't help yourself, can you?

      I post, you bite!

      Pull out whatever post you like knobhead, because there's more than enough really silly and stupid ones from you on this board alone to throw straight back at you!

      Catch you later my old geordie obsessed numpty. LOL

    • You really are one seriously Geordie obsessed numpty when it comes to me, ey Lyndy pops!?

      Sorry, dude wheres my car (after the film) wasn't available as an e-mail address, so I chose a plane instead, is this alright with you knobhead or do you take the slightest mention of airplanes as some sort of offensive slur against the Munich air disaster?

      I love your holier-than-thou attitude on this thread, especially when you're making light of what Josef Fritzl did and having a good old laugh about paedophilia at the same time.

      You really are one stupid, ugly and pathetic little plonker. ;oD


    • I would say the percentage of decent scousers and LFC supporters beyond Merseyside who find any singing, chanting or anything else designed to make light of true disaster as distasteful as you find them is about the same. Yes there is still a small minority that think it is funny to make jokes about these subjects, but unfortunately that is true of not just LFC and Man U, but many other clubs as well. It seems no one group of supports has a monopoly over the moronic, so the best we can do imo is try to educate our own, rather than pointing fingers.

      To be honest, and you know this has happened, when I see a poster come on the LFC board with the same old bile about Hysel or Hillsbrough I no longer take offense as it tells me so much about the individual posting, and I have to feel a little sorry for them. They are obviously not football fans in the true sense, desperately want attention and are willing to say anything to get it, and have no or little humanity within them. Some may go through their entire lives like that, while others may get a rude awakening one day when personal tragedy hits them, and they finally understand the hurtful nature of their moronic ways. I hope the next time (and unfortunately there will be a next time) a so called fan (they are not) of Liverpool or City come on here making airplane jokes, you regard them in the same way.

    • you are

    • ."..what an amazing insane rant there knobhead!" No, you jigsaw, is one of the worst offenders.

    • I, and 99 % of United fans completely condemn sick songs and chants about Heysel, Hillsborough , and other disasters. Steer, will you do the same about Liverpool fans singing, or chanting about Munich ?

    • ...what an amazing insane rant there knobhead!

      You don't half talk a load of codswallop, even your fellow Man U fans think you're a total numpty.


    • And again jigsaw, it's a pleasure to be hated by a dickhead like you!

    • I'll tell you what Stash, next season when your lot visit Anfield we'll all sing what a lovely day for a plane crash in Germany! We'll be careful to not mention the words Manchester United, or Munich, so don't take too much offense as its obviously not directly insulting to you. In fact I'd encourage the away fans to join in the sing along.

      Wake up lad, and give your brain a chance. Listen to your fellow mancs they really do make sense on this issue.

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