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    Summer transfers

    Anybody have any ideas who is comming and who is going?

    Retiring: Edwin VDS, possibly Paul Scholes.

    Out: Owen Hargreaves, Gabriel Obertan, Bebe, Federico Macheda.

    Possibly Out: Wes Brown, Michael Owen, Darren Gibson, Johnny Evans.

    Back in First Team Squad: Danny Welbeck

    Likely Transfer Targets: Maarten Stekelenburg, Ashley Young, Wesley Sneijder

    Possible Transfer Targets: Alexis Sanchez, Gareth Bale, David De Gea, Frank Ribery, Karim Benzema, Jack Rodwell, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Marek Hamsik, Luka Modric, Manuel Neuer, Nuri Sahin.

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    • Yes indeed. We're lucky to be finally seeing, in an offensive sense, the Park from his PSV days.

    • Park will stay. United had to deflect Chelsea interest last summer. We all know that Park was partly signed for commercial reasons, but the lad is a bloody good player also. So it satisfies the money people at the club, and it satisfies the manager.

      Apparently Park is also retiring from international football. Presumably this demonstrates a Scholes-like commitment to the team.

    • "For us, I can see him playing the Park role perfectly (which is why I've said in the past that I could see Park being sold, despite how well he has played this season)." Luckily Sir Alex doesn't usually seem to think that way. Park, if I'm not mistaken signed a new contract not so long ago , and after how he's played, not only this season,he deserves to stay.

    • Cleverley's one for the future, but I can't see him playing more than a periphery role for the next few seasons. I know Cleverley's a midfielder, but if Berbatov can berely get a game at the moment what chance does Cleverley have?

    • One of Cleverley`s greates assets is his versatility, he can play anywhere across midfield including in the centre. And yes it was good to hear SAF mention Tunnicliffe and Morrison, but why did he omit Pogba?

    • The issue with Hargreaves and Owen is not how much should they be paid but should 2 squad places go to such injury ravaged players? With a limit of 25 on players aged 21 and over I don`t think utd can afford another season when they are for want of a better phrase carrying two passengers.

    • It was said at the time that if things went his way, (which they haven't), he could have earned the same £110,000 a week he was getting from Newcastle.

    • Two you can definitely chalk off that list of potential targets are Sahin and Schweinsteiger.

      Sahin has just signed for Real, and old Schweiny recently signed a new contract with Bayern and stated he wouldnt be leaving.

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      • I tend to go more for types opf player rather than specific names, the only guy I have run out of parience with is Gibson because he seems to lack imagination and is too much of a workman if he was selected the team could do almost as well without him, goalkeeper i think I'd like us to get 2 and let them fight it out for the position ie gamble on nuyer and de gae or stecklenberg or even the sunderland keeper.
        But I really want a midfield enforcer that you know will stop the opposition from getting to our defence too easily the tricky part is that he would have to be able to do the other bread and butter things like passing and link up play fairly well too.
        I think Welbeck deserves to see if he can replace Obertan Who I believe wants to move on anyway, Id like to see Cleverley prove himself to be scholesy's replacement, Anderson please give us a consistant full season. Carrick if he stays at his better ability then he's a valid squad player. I can see why we could sign Snieder but not sure if he would be closing the door for another youngster moving up the ranks...tricky

      • Their just potential targets, names linked with United but unlikey or long shots to actually come to OT.

    • Bebe - I would be surprised if a player utd brought for the future and one that they knew would take some time to settle is moved on after only one season. Could be sent out on loan

      Owen and Brown - I would have thought that they would be in the out category rather than the possible category. Brown only plays in the premiership when utd have been decimated by injury and Owen is out of contract at the end of the season.

      Evans and Gibson - given that SAF has included both in his comments about the potential of the young players in the utd squad I would say that they are likely to still be at OT come August and of the two I would be very surprised if Evans leaves. He has a big blip but there have been signs in recent weeks that he`s getting back to his best form. He may not end up as 1st choice alongside Smalling in a future utd back four but he could easily fulfil the role Brown used to of 3rd choice centre half.

      Back in 1st team squad - Cleverley

      As for transfer targets utd have been lnked with so many players that quite frankly its impossible to know which ones they really are interested in. Take the goalkeeper you think it will be Stekelenburg but it could just as easily be de Gea or Neuer or someone who hasn`t even been mentioned yet.

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      • Bebe is almost certainly going to be sent out on loan, which usually means that he won't be coming back. Of players loaned out recently I can only think of Johnny Evans who came back to the first team. Danny Welbeck looks like he might be good enough to come back as well though.

        United only have four recognised strikers at the moment, including Owen. Owen didn't cost United much and has a lot of experience so he might be staying another season, but he could also be let go. Wes Brown has never realy fulfilled his early potential but Ferguson has always stood by him, but this has been a poor season for him so he could be let go this summer as he is way down the pecking order.

        Evans and Gibbson have not had good seasons. Chris Smalling has edged out Evans as preferred back up for Vidic and Ferdinand in central defence, and Gibson generaly only gets a run in cup matches. But I think Gibson is more likely to be sold on than Evans until United sign another central defender.

        Stekelenburg looks more likely to be signed than de Gea or Neuer at the moment.

      • True devon. The season's not even over , and people are speaking about players leaving. I find that a lack of respect to what United have achieved this season.