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  • Alan C Alan C May 12, 2011 21:19 Flag

    Summer transfers

    I tend to go more for types opf player rather than specific names, the only guy I have run out of parience with is Gibson because he seems to lack imagination and is too much of a workman if he was selected the team could do almost as well without him, goalkeeper i think I'd like us to get 2 and let them fight it out for the position ie gamble on nuyer and de gae or stecklenberg or even the sunderland keeper.
    But I really want a midfield enforcer that you know will stop the opposition from getting to our defence too easily the tricky part is that he would have to be able to do the other bread and butter things like passing and link up play fairly well too.
    I think Welbeck deserves to see if he can replace Obertan Who I believe wants to move on anyway, Id like to see Cleverley prove himself to be scholesy's replacement, Anderson please give us a consistant full season. Carrick if he stays at his better ability then he's a valid squad player. I can see why we could sign Snieder but not sure if he would be closing the door for another youngster moving up the ranks...tricky

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    • Priorities:

      With VDS retiring and Hargreaves looking like he is never going to get over his injury, a good goal keeper and tough holding midfielder are a priority. We need a Roy Keane type terrier in midfield, and we don't want a repeat of the goal keeping fiasco's we had when Peter Schmeichal retired.

      Next year will probably be Scholes last year at United as time is catching up on him a little quicker than Giggs. His role needs to be replaced as Carrick and Anderson despite their individual qualities have so far have not realy done it.

      Another central defender will be needed to support Vidic and Ferdinand, especially Ferdinand who is injury prone and over 30. Smalling is a good prospect but I'm less confident about Evans, although O'Shea can also do the job in an emergency. Another speedy left back to support Evra would also be usefull.