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    Utd need improving....Who should they buy?

    Following on from the previous thread (that Utd need improving/investment), what ideas to people have for who Utd should buy?

    My first vote is for Scott Parker. Utd are lacking a combative midfielder and good passer since Hargereaves has been out for the past 2-3 seasons. I know Fletcher is already there, but Scott Parker would add great passing, a steely determination and a push for goals. Plus, he'd be going on the cheap considering West Ham's relegation.

    I also think an attacking central midfielder needs to be bought. Scholes is clearly on the decline (and has been for several years) and Anderson hasn't really progressed to the level that we would have hoped. Any suggestions? Perhaps a big name like Kaka?

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    • As I said Ian, it's rare. There are exceptions (including Rooney), but we're all touting what a great season Hernandez has had, purely because we didn't expect him to perform so well.

    • "However, it is my experience that rarely can youth team players walk into the first team and perform like seasoned veterans." You mean, we'll never win anything with kids ?

    • Oh and Jonathan, forget about getting an attacking midfielder. Rooney has now made the number 10 position his own again, just as he did between the ages of 18 and 20 before he was removed from it. He must never be shifted again.

    • Interesting comment about tone being difficult to assess through text. However, I feel that over time, we can get a feel for the subtleties of what people mean through their written word, (and by extension their personality). However, if I am mistaken that the tone of Ian's comments were not dismissive, condescending, then I apologise. However, I do not believe I am mistaken.

      I think that the trouble with Carrick, Fletcher and Anderson is that it's difficult to characterize their role in midfield. All three of them can be both defensive and attacking, although admittedly I tend to think of Carrick as more defensive, Anderson as more attacking (despite his lack of goals) and Fletcher as an all-rounder. I would be interested in seeing Utd buy a strong ball-winning and good distributor (such as Scott Parker) and have him play alongside a creative flair player such as Sneider, Kaka or ?????

    • You and all of us know that SAF will make necessary adjustments to the squad, regardless of what you and all of us think, to make MU competitive and win trophies again next season. If that is the case, what is the point of speculation and guessing? MU is lucky to have SAF as manager and its fans can fully trust SAF's judgement and football wisdom as he has proven himself for the past twenty some years. Many have doubted that MU will be competitive with the current squad at the start of this season, but SAF insisted MU is good enough to win trophies and he has won BPL and in the final for CL.

      Let me just point out what the experts on "The Monday Night Verdict" said. They said had SAF managed any of Chelsea, ManCity, Arsenal and even Tottenham, he would have won the BPL Championship this year with any one of the 4 teams mentioned.

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      • Undoubtably SAF has the skills and ability to recognize the team's weaknesses and strengths. However, it's fun to debate it, and see what we would do in his position. We all have opinions on favourite players, tactics, formations, etc. That's what football is about - watching the matches and having a chat about them.

        I agree that SAF could have guided the other teams to success, which suggests that his impact is high. this also means that if he were to retire, we would only be as good as those other teams. I'm interested in Utd's continued success, and that means investing in new and better players

    • "Lastly Ian, I really find your tone quite aggressive and dismissive. I'm simply expressing an opinion. You may agree or disagree, but please don't reply with contempt and condescension. "

      After taking part in an email/text ettiquite workshop, it was proven that tone is almost impossible to be given to text. What someone may take as a plain and simple question, another will take as an aggressive and rude command.
      It's pretty much impossible to communicate sarcasm on text.

      Anyway, that's beside the point, although I say everyone should add smily faces to the end of each line/sentence and that way the world would be a happier place :)

      I'm looking forward to hopefully having Cleverly starting many games next season.
      I believe that he can play alongside either Fletcher or Carrick allowing for himself or Anderson as the more attacking/creative player. Maybe the summer midfield signing would be someone for this role more than the defensive one?

      Giggs and Scholes are of course Utd legends, but hope that "merit" is not what gets them starting places. Both have been frustrating in some games (even Giggs had some shockers at the start of the season) and next season may well prove that they cannot cope with the pace of the EPL.

    • Perhaps a big name like Kaka? Too expensive , and on the decline himself.