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  • Jon Jon May 18, 2011 19:49 Flag

    Utd need improving....Who should they buy?

    You and all of us know that SAF will make necessary adjustments to the squad, regardless of what you and all of us think, to make MU competitive and win trophies again next season. If that is the case, what is the point of speculation and guessing? MU is lucky to have SAF as manager and its fans can fully trust SAF's judgement and football wisdom as he has proven himself for the past twenty some years. Many have doubted that MU will be competitive with the current squad at the start of this season, but SAF insisted MU is good enough to win trophies and he has won BPL and in the final for CL.

    Let me just point out what the experts on "The Monday Night Verdict" said. They said had SAF managed any of Chelsea, ManCity, Arsenal and even Tottenham, he would have won the BPL Championship this year with any one of the 4 teams mentioned.

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    • Undoubtably SAF has the skills and ability to recognize the team's weaknesses and strengths. However, it's fun to debate it, and see what we would do in his position. We all have opinions on favourite players, tactics, formations, etc. That's what football is about - watching the matches and having a chat about them.

      I agree that SAF could have guided the other teams to success, which suggests that his impact is high. this also means that if he were to retire, we would only be as good as those other teams. I'm interested in Utd's continued success, and that means investing in new and better players