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  • Disagree Stefan. Great player I am not going to deny, but he is far too easily influenced by his agent Joorabchian (or how ever you spell it!). Whenever that guy wants to make a few more quid, he encourages Tevez to leave and takes a huge commission from it. He would have left us or at least caused problems with demands to leave. Brilliant example of how agents are corrupting the game.

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    • Surely though he's running out of options. How many clubs out there can afford what is likely not just a hefty transfer fee, but one of the largest player contracts around?

      Its hard to believe anything that comes out of the Tevez camp (I say camp as he seems well managed by people that do most of his talking), but if its true he wants to go home (Argentina) or to a league (Spain or Italy) that feels more like home and is somewhere he can be with his family then I feel sorry for him.

      However the proof will be in the pudding because if he really does want to move for personal reasons then he might be willing to take a pay cut to get the life balance he wants. Truth is no cub in Argentina can take on his salary. I expect the same might be true in Italy unless they clear out their other high wage players to fee up money. Then of course there is Madrid or Barca, but can you see either of them wanting or needing him?

      This might all stem from the player having homesickness and or missing his family, but it could also be a fishing expedition to see if anyone is willing to pay up. Lets face it that is why he left you lot, as who would trade Manchester for Manchester unless it was for money!

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      • Have to agree with all points. Just one thing. When United bought Berbatov , Tevéz should have fought to be the leading striker. Instead he sulked . There's always should be competition , but still keeping the squad feeling, for the first team.

      • "who would trade Manchester for Manchester unless it was for money! "

        I beg to differ Dsteer.

        I think he swapped Man U for City mainly for football reason, just cast your mind back to the way he was mis-treated by Fergie as a bench-warmer towards the end of his stay at OT despite forming a great productive partnership with Rooney a season early before Berbatov was signed.

        Additionally, Man U dilly-dally on his expiring contract and have themselves to blame for losing a great talent. In comparison, look at the way Rafa Benitez dealt swiftly with Mascherano who was on similar loan arrangements like Tevez. Unlike Man U, Liverpool didn't leave contract talk so late thereby creating doubts in the player's mind - which was exactly what happened in Tevez's case in my view.

        When you don't play top players regularly (quality playing time) and fail to tie them to long-term contracts at the club, chances are you risk losing the players.