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  • Jesper Jesper May 22, 2011 01:16 Flag

    Club fairytail

    Wimbledon FC, the club that got robbed of it's name and ground 9-10 years ago.

    Only to be re-founded by it's own supporters has come from the pub leagues and just won the Blue Square Premiership play-off final against Luton Town.

    They are now in the football league proper. Now if that aint some remarkable achievement, I don't know what is.

    Watch out!...FC United could be next!!!

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    • Hahahahahaha. Is your pseudo a dedication to yourself ? Or are you still living in the 70 s ? Oh, and my post wasn't meant for you. Do you have something against people who are not exactly like you ?

    • It's *Fairytale*, do forgive me baldy I misspelt. I hope I haven't upset you mucker?

      And who the fuck is pixie?

      Now stop diverting from the topic posted. This thread is about true fans and the power they have make dreams come true.

      Not prawn eating snobs, politely applauding when one scores, wot, wot.

    • If only all United fans were not glory hunters and showed FC some real support eh?

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      • Yes, it has similarities and it shows real support of a team so loved, tribal intact.

        However, It's got a few swerve balls in the mechanics. United's situation is different.

        The main concept being power & money, which out-ways the loyalty and passion of a supporter.

        This brings me to the conclusion that most fans nowadays love money more than history and true passion for a club. Even to an extent of just natural surroundings.

        People have lost they're connection to all the great FREE things in life and the greedy-fucking-bastard bankers/rich owners only care for profit and nothing else.

        Wimbledon FC is a great story and stands in the memory of the future of out beloved game.

      • Why should people support a club that has nothing to do with the club they support already?

        FC have nothing to do with Manchester United, and play in Bury.

        You should ask yourself how it is you support a club that isn't the nearest to where you live, isn't that glory hunting?