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  • Robert M Robert M May 24, 2011 20:02 Flag

    Giggs NAMED!

    I don't know what Giggs did. It's none of my business. Or yours. Or that MP's. Or the newspapers. Those whose business it is will not be helped by it being in the media. If Giggs has to take any responsibility for anything it is with those who are close to him, not with those who contribute to yahoo forums, or who read the tabloids.

    Happily, I've not had the press camped on my doorstep or inventing rubbish or going through my bins or bugging my phones or anything else. (I'm sure they wouldn't be interested.) But those who do have that without any effective means to defend themselves against it should have our sympathy. And for the public to take the line, from a position of almost complete ignorance, that a victim should be ashamed of something which is common through the rest of society simply shows a hypocritical lynch mob in operation.