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    • Does anyone else get the feeling Spursbabe has been cheated on, many times?

      Did you blame them all the time SB?

      I'll bet you never considered it was your fault, that you encourage infidelity because you're not that much.

    • Don't think so, the s-i route (unwisely) pursued /chosen by Giggs makes matters worse and forced it into the open.

    • I think you are seeing it in terms which are far too black and white. "i'm told he cheated therefore he's an evil bastard and she's a poor hapless victim" is the gist of it.

      Well, you know, you might be right. It might be like that. But i've seen the inside of enough adult relationships to know that it's often inappropriate to assume that conclusion. Relationships on the inside are often very different to their appearance on the outside.

      I don't know whether and to what extent Giggs has let down his family. It's simply not my business. It's not anyone's business but his and his family's, anymore than my family is your business or your family is my business.

      And whatever he has done this unjustifiable media intrusion won't be helping any of them.


    • all those things u mentioned are only relevant if u think u can excuse cheating on your wife & the mother of your 2 children.

      i thought more of u rob, i didnt think u were someone who thinks its ok to cheat on your wife & the mother of your kids if u wife isnt given u any action at home.

      & now u are just being silly by saying she is a lying drunkard who beats the kids.

      & even if she did

      a) thats no excuse for what giggs did
      b)why hasnt he protected his kids against her if he knows this.

      anyway, il leave u to suggest she might be an alien or an undercover agent for the KGB.

      rob, this has to be 1 of your worst arguments ever!

      great defence of giggs by the way!

    • While i feel everyone has a right to protect their privacy(Giggs included), his taking out a gag order and suing those Twitter users who named him is just too extreme and ineed pathetic. He's made an outright jerk of himself by doing so.

    • You've obviously formed a judgement that he is a *bad* *boy* for having a "long standing affair".

      As a matter of interest, do you know the internal state of his marriage? Do you know whether his wife has been faithful to him or if she has had ten affairs in the last five years? Do you know if she is a paragon of virtue or a lying drunkard who beats the kids? Do you know if they have sex three times a week or if she has refused to sleep with him for five years and tells him she'll leave him and take the kids if he makes overtures to her?

      I very much doubt you do. I certainly don't. It's not my business, it's not your business. And without it being either of our business I'm not in a position to judge him. And neither, I think, is anyone else who has just read a few salacious stories in the trashy media.


    • I really didn't care when I heard and it really wasn't in the public interest UNTIL he threatened to sue all of the Twitter users who mentioned his name, that was pathetic to say the least.

    • rob u are being so naive by saying we dont know the facts etc.

      granted we dont now all the grusome details BUT it is clear he had a long standing affair with her.

      he has never denied it.

      he has actually admitted to it & has started a legal case against her for trying to blackmail him over the affair.

      so u seriously think he has been accused of all this & is innocent despite never denying it, but instead he trys to stop the truth coming out by all pathetic means.

      we all know its true, yes the little details are debatable & arent clear.

      i know im stupid, but i dont see how iam taking the moral high ground by saying he has to bear the consequences.

      i also state that if i did what he had done, id have to bare the consequences.

      & if that does mean im taking the moral high ground then yes iam taking the moral high ground!

      i dont feel im speaking from a position of ignorance, because im not making comment based on any details other than he had a an affair. which has proven to be the case.

      id hate it if journalists made up stories about me BUT id also know this is the price to pay for being a rich famous person.

      & if they report on the truth (giggs affair) then id only have myself to blame.

      if i was famous & had an affair then i wouldnt blame the media or the kiss & tell person. id blame myself.

      i guess we are 2 different characters rob. u like giggs would blame the media & the person who "seduced" u.

      id blame myself.

    • Well, you *are* taking the moral high ground and in saying he has to bear the consequences (Eric's joke notwithstanding), in siding with the mob you are also inflicting the consequences of the media storm on the rest of his family and people who might be hurt by it.

      Also, and I think this is a point you and everyone easily overlooks, you and I and the newspapers don't know the detail of it. We don't know whether any particular allegations are true and we don't know what context they came from. The papers don't care about this, their readers don't either but anyone wanting to sit in judgement of the individuals concerned ought to recognise they are speaking from a position of ignorance.

      How would you like a mob of journalists invading your private life and reporting juicy stories they can find or make up? I presume you wouldn't like it at all. So what gives you or me the right to say it's okay to do it to someone else? That in your view, knowing almost no facts, he has behaved immorally? That justifies a complete invasion of his and his family's privacy?


    • "no he has to bare the consequences" - I think that was his downfall.

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