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  • Alan C Alan C May 29, 2011 19:26 Flag

    same 2 players went missing AGAIN

    what i dreaded happened evra and carrick went missing, sure enough Carrick started off well closing people down but he soon reverted to kind and stood watching the opposition run pastr hime or even going in the opposite direction, as for evra he seemed to forget what position he was playing and was no where near the first 2 goals and in my opinion he should have benn much closer to say the least so considering we only had 9 players fighting for the ball we didn't do too badly.
    JUST TO BE CLEAR barca wer better then us
    I think we needed fletch, and perhaps O'shea in the team at least to start with.
    I hope the old Evra returns next season, who remembers he's a left back
    but we do need to start the next season with a stronger squad than we had last night.
    scolesy may be ok for some premier games but not just part of european games we need that tyhpe of quality all through those games, so his replacement has to be found urgently and need someone to do the job we bought hargreaves for a midfield enforcer, keep carrick for the squad but not first team and lets gamble on the youngsters for next season, not including Gibson

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    • 4-4-2 against any decent sides that plays 5 in the midfield would have be suicidal, let alone a magical barca side that was fielded on saturday. The tactic chosen was just dreadful, got completely out played in the middle of the park, park-ju-sung was the only one in the midfield trying to close down properly(and thats only during the second half), I MEAN PROPERLY, unlike valencia whom was lucky not to have seen two yellow cards flash out at his face, giggs is way too old to play these kind of chasing games, and carrick as usual disappears in these big games. Had much better options on the bench, players with more energy and more pace.

      The worst part of the match was how SAF refused to change the system, we were so desperate to getting the ball forward, it seemed like the only way to do it was to punt a 70 yard ball forward, hoping the likes of hernandez and rooney would be strong enough to out jump pique and abidal. If SAF actually thought the only way to getting past the barca midfield was to play the long balls, then why the hell didnt berbatov start? and leaving him out of the squad replacing him with owen was just plain retarded

    • Agree with the two players falling asleep BUT i think besides being caught out of posotion, Evra played as he usually play. Does anyone know if Fersgie stilll has issues with Anderson? I know some of us Man U fans don't like the mention os his name but personally, we needed him in a game like this. I wasn't supprised we lost the game coz when i saw the staring line-up, i knew that was bound to happen. Anderson has those passes which can penetrate the opposition. We plyed in a U formation going forward (if you know what i mean), with the mid-field being pushed in by Berca. An inclusion of Ando would have given us a W formation as he runns through the middle loking for either wing to release. Fact that we lost twice IN the final,TO the same opposition means Fegie got all his tactics wrong, of not his starting line-up.Credit to where it deserves, we lost to an excellent Bercelona team.We keep sticking to the likes of Carrick as our relied mid-fielder and these is what we'll get every game of this magnitude.Sad sad but true.

    • Just 2 :-)