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  • JayKay Jay JayKay Jay May 30, 2011 14:40 Flag

    same 2 players went missing AGAIN

    Agree with the two players falling asleep BUT i think besides being caught out of posotion, Evra played as he usually play. Does anyone know if Fersgie stilll has issues with Anderson? I know some of us Man U fans don't like the mention os his name but personally, we needed him in a game like this. I wasn't supprised we lost the game coz when i saw the staring line-up, i knew that was bound to happen. Anderson has those passes which can penetrate the opposition. We plyed in a U formation going forward (if you know what i mean), with the mid-field being pushed in by Berca. An inclusion of Ando would have given us a W formation as he runns through the middle loking for either wing to release. Fact that we lost twice IN the final,TO the same opposition means Fegie got all his tactics wrong, of not his starting line-up.Credit to where it deserves, we lost to an excellent Bercelona team.We keep sticking to the likes of Carrick as our relied mid-fielder and these is what we'll get every game of this magnitude.Sad sad but true.