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  • judging from Gill`s comments it sounds as if utd hope to do most of their transfer business in the next couple of weeks.

    "It will be a busier than usual summer this year.I will be going away at some point in June and be back for the start of our tour but I will be on with player stuff for the next few weeks, I am sure."

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    • Jim, it's a shame you see fit to disregard every opinion that isn't in keeping with your own. I wouldn't disrespect a man with Sacchi's reputation - I find it highly unlikely that he would lie about his thoughts on Barcelona. Also, are you saying that Fergie has never ever faced a great side?! From your comments, it seems that you believe this to be the case.

    • Yes most guys cornered by the media will parrot what they believe they want to hear.
      Independent thought is going out of fashion.
      We are told what we think whether we do or not.
      AS I have said this is everywhere , no more obvious than the labeling of a harmless gas , as a poison.

    • Most media hacks and a fuckload of ex players of pretty hight repute. Even Sacchi admits that this Barca is better than his Milan.

    • 'Widely' being a relatively few media hacks and those that lap up their 'wisdom' I suppose.

    • No, Jim, hindsight is not needed. 10 years will not change the standing of this team. This team is widely seen as one of the best ever. Not 'the best', because it's too difficult to compare teams, but certainly one of the best.

    • to Stefan. In case there was doubt, see my comments...

      Barcelona were magnificent and truly deserve the CL trophy.
      The CL is a big prize and one Man Utd, and me dearly want. When comparing the league to the CL, I think we were giving the pros to winning the league and highlighting what made the league a better achievement overall. But maybe showing a lack or respect to the winners of the CL.

    • Absolutely nothing I have posted disagrees with what Fergie said. I think I am correct that none of Fergies sides met any of the 'great' club sides prior to '93. So that excludes the likes of Milan, Ajax, Madrid etc etc.
      I have said Barca are very good, not the best ever, not 'out of this world', just very good. Perhaps with hindsight they might be elevated to 'great' to join the other handful who can be regarded as such. But hindsight takes time, 10 years or more, not instant eulogies.
      The CL is a Cup, a good Cup, but still a Cup.
      It doesn't matter how good a Cup it is, its not a league, and its not the league United play 38 matches in every year.Its a better Cup than the WC, but all the other examples given by Levy were for individuals not teams, and yes most individual sport tends to be played by knock-out, so what is the point exactly?
      I presume that United will buy a preponderance of English players because of the Uefa squad rules, they have little alternative, so all those who believe English teams with English players are not skilled compared to foreign teams will have plenty to moan about in the future. Of course as half of S America has Spanish passports its not something Barca or Madrid have to worry about, level playing field again!

    • I find it unbelievable that people were first trying to downplay Barcelona's achievements and are now devaluing the CL itself! Bitterness personified.

      Fergie has said that this is the best team he's ever faced, and stated that we have never been given a hiding like that, regardless of the scoreline. I agree with him.

    • I suspect Clive is a Fan, ie a Fanatic; not a supporter. There is a difference, just look up the definition of 'fanatic'.

    • OK so I said that and can see how it comes across. Badly worded and not really echoing my true feelings. Let me re-word it in a manner that will echo my thoughts better....

      We can't beat ourselves up too much about the result on saturday and come to terms that we are't the best and look at where we need to improve. Beating ourselves up now achieves nothing. We should discuss solutions to the cause not the effect. We were underdogs Saturday night and we all know that deep down. Fergie/Utd probably knew that and were hoping to cause a shock. But in hindsight, should perhaps have shown less faith in players such as Carrick and Park and bought big players last summer. But Fergie knows we have to learn the European lessons. I suppose he was hoping Carrick and Park had learnt theirs from 2009. Obviously it relied on talent and not just teaching, or they forgot what they were taught?! Bringing in new players, more talented ones, may be good for the Premiership but are these players who've experienced a champions league final? Maybe Fergie prefers experience over talent, if you can't have both without paying way above market value.

      A bit of a brain-dump but hopefully points to where I was coming from!

      Clive, You shouldn't label someone as FAKE just from one comment. You haven't considered all comments before this, not know my character. I am a very competitive person and that is shown in my support for Manchester Utd. I rarely enjoy the games we play in as I am worrying about the result and feel so much joy and relief when we win. When we lose, it takes a few hours to get over it, or more for a major game. But when I see people slag us off, I want to support Utd. So may look for the counter argument to SUPPORT them in what they do. Afterall, it's more about being a SUPPORTER of a team than being a FAN of. Isn't it?

      Neil. A true, 100% Utd supporter who sometimes criticises his team but loves them all the same.

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