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  • Ralf S Ralf S May 31, 2011 15:15 Flag


    I agree that the last PL was not the best by some measures (particularly consistency by the top teams), although it was very exciting as a result.

    If we can find one good midfield ball winner and another who can hold the ball comfortably, then I believe we will look like a different team next season.

    We have very good forwards, wide players and good backs (Smalling needs to transition to replace Rio at some stage, 32 isn't ancient, but he isn't going to get any faster etc.)

    At the moment, it seems to me, we lack some confidence, bite and craft in the middle.

    I also believe that Evra will come back next season as a better player, after a summer break; don't forget his involvement in the French saga at the WC last summer.

    At the end of the day, I trust our manager to get the best people available.