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  • The big problem is working out who are the genuine targets and which ones exist merely in the minds of the press. So here aree my thoughst on a few of the names being linked with utd.

    1. de Gea - utd need a goalie and SAF has indicated that he is the one
    2. Modric - utd need a new creative midfielder, he fits the bill, he`s also shown that he can play in the premiership & the CL. I think he`s one that utd would like to bring in.
    3. Schneider - I think utd would like him but every week he seems to change his mind as to whether he`s staying or leaving inter.
    4. Ashley Young - undoubtedly a good player with great potential but do utd really need another winger when they have Valencia and Nani plus the likes of Cleverley and Morrison coming through? I think this is one that exits in the minds of the press and is based mainly on his availability and what they think utd need.
    5. Bale - fits in to the same category as Young. Do you utd need him. However, I think if they do decide to bring in a winger utd might go for Bale rather than Young, partly because they did try and sign him before he joined spurs and partly because he`s delivered in the CL.
    6. Rodwell - good young player, but is he any better than the youngsters already at utd. Ditto for Henderson? If SAF thinks either of them are then we could see one of them at OT.
    7. Charlie Adam - good player but I think utd would prefer Modric of Schneider.
    8. Enrique - there`s no dioubt that Evra hasn`t performed well this season and whether that is just a blip caused by his hellish world cup or signs of a long term decline only time will tell. Although there are several players sho can play there if needed such as O`Shea, Smalling and Fletcher they are only 3 specialists fullbacks at OT - Evra, Rafael and Fabio - and even if Evra`s poor form is temporary that does leave utd rather short in that area of the pitch.

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    • You maybe right babe, but at the end of the day prices are always market driven and based on willingness of the buyer to put up the cash.

      For Utd who I think after a keeper need to bring in a proven play maker, Modric might be the ideal player and worth north of 30M. For me however I look at it a different way as while I'd not say no to him coming to Anfield, I just don't see such a need with players like Gerrard or Meireles already established, so from my perspective I'm likely to under value him. You and Alfie on the other hand value him based on what he means to Spurs or how big a hole you'd have if he left, which would be large.

      Think that goes part way to explaining the Carroll price tag which imo was over the mark. But last day of the transfer window, and with a big hole to fill we were always going to pay over the odds.

    • honestly steer alfy is right about modric being worth 35m.

      im not 1 to put silly price tags on players BUT modric is 1 of the best players iv ever seen on the ball.

      personally i think he is our most important player.

      he would be so hard to replace too.

      if berbatov was 30.5m, carrick 18m, carroll 35m, torres 50m then 35m is a fair price for modric.

    • Good analysis

    • If you have run several businesses I'd question how efficiently they were run, or maybe suggest that it was several short run enterprises for a reason.

      60% of annual turnover! That is a very large cash flow account for any business. Maybe a very seasonable business might justify holding large sums for a portion of the year if their main source of income came in during a very short period, but for other businesses it would be ludicrous to hold that much cash on hand.

      Granted large chunks of your income comes in at one off payments through out the year such as season ticket revenue and TV rights revenue, but others are spread out throughout the year such as your merchandising income, not to mention your sponsorship deals which are actually structured payments over years.

      When your paying above board interest on your debt, and can get virtually nothing in terms of interest by holding cash, keeping more than you need to handle your everyday needs would be worse than sticking you money under the mattress (don't tell me that was one of your own business practices?).

      Now maybe you will spend a bit this summer (but seriously you think 100M?) but why you'd need to hide that away for the better part of a year is beyond me. Considering you've spent next to nothing for the last 2 years despite supposedly having cash on hand suggests it would be either a very optimistic or simple minded person who thinks even half of that supposedly 170M bank account will go to buy players.

    • Yes that's a very good point... if Gibson, Bebe and Obertan have been given numerous chances then why not for Pogba and Morrison.

    • Well given we've played Gibson in the Champions League etc, it would be pretty ridiculous if we didn't give far more talented prospects a chance.

    • "Try telling that to Pompey fans - FA Cup winners in 2008. "

      What does Portsmouth have to do with your underachieving wonder-kids?

      Take your pills slayer, then try again to remember just what makes your kids so wonderful, and why they keep on winning things .... they do WIN things, don't they?

    • "Since the Glazers arrived United have won FOUR league titles and the CL .... what have your wonder kids done in the same period? "

      Try telling that to Pompey fans - FA Cup winners in 2008.

    • Stop talking bollocks slayer, as usual, if United were bled DRY how could they have £170m in the bank?

      Try pulling your head out of your arse and thinking with something other than your dick!

      Since the Glazers arrived United have won FOUR league titles and the CL .... what have your wonder kids done in the same period?

    • Are you serious Dsqueer?

      £170 million operating kitty is about what is needed, what would you have the board do in an emergency, borrow some?

      Have you ever run a business?

      I've run several, and the money United hold, which is probably a bit less than stated, is needed.

      Transfers this summer could easily reach £80-100 million, and the cash in hand pays all the bills, and all the wages.

      "Do you have money for player investment, and are the Glazners in this for the long term or just milking you. If the latter then I think we'd agree its BAD business, and sooner or later you'd likely start sliding down that table."

      More ABU bollocks from you, if United have £170m in the bank, how can the Glazers be milking them dry?

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