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    Transitional season: 2011 -12

    In terms of the current United side I feel there are four spots in the starting eleven that are still up for grabs. One is the goalkeeping position, two decent players are needed in midfield and the other is at full-back position where Evra has struggled this season, certainly not one of his best seasons for United.

    These are signs that 2011 -12 may just need to be a season of transition for United. The desire and expectancy to win every year can actually have a detrimental effect on a the future of a franchise. There are many examples of sports teams actually destroying the future by attempting to win 'just one more title' with a core of aging, but very successful and somewhat complacent players. They have hung on a little too long to what has worked so well in the past. And frankly, you could not blame SAF for doing just that.

    Now I am not suggesting that we go in to a rebuilding campaign like Francenal has over the last few years. We do not need to do that.

    But there are times when one campaign needs to be sacrificed for the future. IMHO this may be the year to see off the old (Giggsy, Scholesy, Neville and yes, van der Sar) and really embrace the new (Ando, Hernandez, Cleverley, Fabio, Rafael...) and allow them to develop as players and, more importantly, emerge as the new team leaders.

    We could be completely reloaded and ready for next season, 2012 -13. If all goes well, a bright new era for United.


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    • Ando, Cleverley, Fabio, Rafael, etc may never be good enough, ando has been given chances and chances and has failed to prove himself.
      Fabio and Rafael are still young and need to build themselves up in the way of strengh before they can really be talked about as the new team leaders, Fabio and Cleverley should be given games to show what can do and to see if they can grow into Utd's future.
      But Fergie only has a few years left, so he wont take his eyes off the ball of winning more titles and the euro cup again.

    • Nobody knows what's happening in his private life. I know there was a death in his family , so that could have affected his form.

    • Erik, not just losing the captaincy, but the whole aftermath that was involved.

      I work in France quite a bit and read the French newspapers across there.

      It was a big deal, questions were asked in the parliament, etc.

      If you are UK based, you probably won't be aware of the shitstorm.

      I think it probably dented his confidence.

    • I don't buy the fact that Evra lost the captaincy of France as the reason he had a poor season. That was last June. You really think that's been upsetting him that much?

    • Fergie has done it 4 times. He never overdoes it. Transition means change, but with keeping the balance right. There will be some very good youth players coming through. On another note, I'm watching General Blabber giving his coronation speech, and he said that FIFA was facing accusations. That is where he is so wrong. It's not FIFA, but him and some of his cronies.

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      • Time and time again SAF`s rebuilding has shown how important it is to keep a core of older, experienced players in the squad partly to help guide the youngsters but also because the form of younger players can often be erratic. The wisdom of this policy can be clearly seen when you look at the progress Smalling has made, he always plays better when he`s alongside Ferdinand or Vidic rather than the inexperienced Evans. And that`s why I think SAF has persuaded the money men that Owen should be given an extra year, not because he thinks the player`s going to make a big impact on the pitch but because of the help he can give to not only Welbeck and if he comes back Macheda but also the likes of Keane, King amd Cofie. I can`t see Owen getting too many premiership starts but I think he will could feature heavily in the two domestic cup competitions alongside some of the young strikers at OT.