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    Who Is M.Owen Refering To??!

    “Prefer playing less often in a top team than every game in a poor team. Been there [and] didn't enjoy it," Owen posted on Twitter.

    Obviously not Madrid or United!


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    • If Macheda had his head screwed on properly, and had worked hard and kicked on, he would fulfil the role of physical targetman.

    • Its a good point on his goals. I if I remember correctly he had a couple multi goal games where the result was not in question, so the goal stats might be a bit flattering. Although I think his hold up play is also something you'd miss if he were to leave, and in fact think was a failing for you against Barca.

      Both Rooney and Hernandez have great pace, but especially for Hernandez while one of the most instinctive finishers I've seen, I think its about getting the ball to him quickly rather than him creating his own chances. Rooney less so as he is a very skillful player, but he's not imo a natural target man, rather he prefers to come deep.

      I don't really know enough about Welbeck or Macheda to fully appreciate their style, but I think Welbeck is another who more relies on his pace to latch onto balls, while Macheda maybe more of the Bebatov mold, but not sure if he's matured in his play to take on that role full time.

    • I'm in two minds about Berbatov.

      On the one hand he has sublime first touch and ball skills, which could be very useful, but on the other he often seems to lose heart when things don't break for him and at 30, it might be time to get some liquid assets.

      Good job Sir Alex knows more about these things than I do :-)

    • Personally I hope Berbatov stays, but I would be happy to see Welbeck and Macheda given a shot at replacing him in the sqaud if he does go. Berbatov may have finished joint top scorer in the end last season, but I don't think his goals would be hard to replace. If you take into account 11 of his goals came in 3 games, he actually only scored in 9 or 10 of his 32 league games I think it was last season.

      Also if we potentially did sign a new creative midfielder, more goals could also be contributed from the centre of the pitch. Add to that the fact Rooney was out of form for half the season also.

    • Steve, think we got two separate subjects going on this thread now.

      First on the squad from what you've told me I expect your right that there is little or no pressure on the 25 man roster. My assumption any senior player leaving, would be replaced by another senior coming in, so it the status quo. Although personally I'd still have reservations giving a place to a player so early who has a reputation of only being a part timer due to injury issues. For my own club I see us getting rid of Aurellio, Cole, and potentially Agger for this exact reason.

      But the second subject is on if the strike force is fine and needs no adjustments or not. I'd agree with you if Owen is all but being guaranteed a spot on the roster by signing his deal, it does suggest Fergie has a clear idea of what the strike force will look like, and Owens’s place in it. But the question comes up is Berbs part of it now Owen has signed, and if not assuming Fergie has a plan, what is it?

      On the one hand keeping Berbs gives you 3 top strikers plus Owen. Solid in terms of strength in depth, but does that give the likes of Welbeck and or Macheda much of a look in? Also, can SAF keep Berbs happy if he's not the main partner for Rooney (I know Fergie is good at that, but that is one large Bulgarian ego).

      On the other hand let Berbs go, your options are to spend to replace him, which gives you potentially the same problem above in terms of the kids getting games, but also you'll need extra money as I think Berbs is in the last year of his contract so you won't get a premium for him. Or you don't replace him, but you let Welbeck and Macheda fight it out to replace him.

      Personally think giving the youngsters the chance is the better option in terms of player development, however I would have thought it wise if that is the route to go that you assess them both in pre-season to decide if they can get you the goal you loose with Berbs going, or whether you need to buy. But if they both look good, or even if just one does and you keep Berbs I would have kept the option of letting Owen go so you could free up that roster spot for extra coverage elsewhere in the squad such a in the back 4 or defensive midfield where I think you suffered some injury issues this last term.

    • Think north and east of Old Trafford.

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      • It can't be Newcastle . I mean they did win the old first division in , erm 1921 ? and they won something in 1969 or something . They also almost won the premiership .

      • Ralf your not telling me he had offers from Oldham are you? Good job you got him to sign otherwise you might have had a bidding war!

        Seriously though, I can see keeping him as he may nick you a goal here or there, but with only 1 league start this term, and what was t 1 or 2 goals, I can't see the logic of giving him a place on the roster that a younger more reliable player should have.

        For me I'll always be jaded not for him leaving Liverpool but the manner he did. I actually think he got his just desserts by having to sit on the bench while he saw his old team mates go on to glory in Istanbul. But I think since that move to Madrid, and realizing he'd made a mistake thinking he could walk into glory he's just become another mercenary. Great talent, but the difference between good players and great players is the latter put their heart and soul into it, and it shows. I've never seen that from Owen since he left Merseyside with maybe a glimpse or two when he played for England but even that faded after 2006.

    • Well, it can't be Newcastle United Owen is on about?

      He barely played for them in the time he was there since he was always injured with his brittle legs!

      Good signing for Man U though, he'll help flog a few number 7 shirts in Asia where the plastic Man U fans don't know any better!


    • I assume you’re implying he's taking a shot at the club that actually developed him as a youth player and launched his career, and the one he walked away from just before they won the European cup.

      If he is I'm not sure what he means by top club as I would have thought a club that can come from behind to win its 5th European cup would be considered a top team by most.

      As I agree with you that I doubt he's referring to Madrid, maybe he's having a jab at Newcastle. But that is a little unfair as while it’s hard to say they are top club (he was part of the squad that got relegated right?) he spent more time in the treatment room than on the pitch so far from "every game".

      So my only conclusion is that he himself knows he's become a mercenary of the game, and is damn lucky to be getting a pay packet to begin with let alone whatever you lot are paying him, and he knows in his heart to play every game week in week out (assuming his fragile frame could take it) he'd have to take a big step down.

      Must fill you with confidence to know you've got a player who knows he's not good enough for you, but is still willing to sign on for another year and keep collecting the dosh.

    • "“Prefer playing less often in a top team than every game in a poor team"?

      Do I smell a old has-been mercenary little tw@t sitting on his @rse and collecting £50k per week?

      Shows how AMBITIOUS he's, NOT.