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  • Ralf S Ralf S Jun 3, 2011 14:43 Flag

    Who Is M.Owen Refering To??!

    But he's good in the cups, when SAF doesn't want to put the key strikers out, think overall he played 16 (some as sub), scored 6. Not too bad a return.

    SAF will have worked out his roster and MO works for this year, so I don't have too many worries there - I hope it may be a sign that some of our younger bright lights are going to be given serious game time.

    I understand the feelings over the way he left Anfield,interesting to consider that he is (at heart) an Everton man, so lacking the connection of someone like Robbie Fowler, who stood on the terraces in Istanbul.

    At the end of the day, I reckoned you sold him at the right time and had his best years.

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    • Your right its not that bad a return but not great, and thinking about it while I'm not sure what his wage is I got to think its similar to Cole, and you did get a much better return off of Owen that we did from JC. But other than being another homegrown player, I'd question the wisdom of keep either on the squad roster if there was a 22 or 23 year old who was also stating a claim.

      End of the day it’s a balancing act based on not just the wage bill but fitting into the 25 man roster. But one thing that does puzzle me a little is that he signed so early. That would suggest that SAF has already decided he's part of the plans for next season, while I would have thought he'd wait until nearing the deadline to decide who is and is not surplus to requirements based on transfer activity.

      That would suggest he really rates him as our primary back up striker, or that he has no plans, other than maybe bring back one of your youngsters who don’t have to be named in the 25 man squad, to go out and buy a senior striker.

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      • Welbeck and possibly Macheda will be in the first team sqaud next season, neither of which are over 21 yet. There is no problem with Owen fitting in the 25 man sqaud as i've previously said. We have 25 players at the minute over 21, but Kuszczak is a certainty to go. Thats 1 place for a signing straight away. De Gea is most likely to be the new keeper, he won't need a place in the 25 as he is only 20, so to sign 2 more senior players on top of him, you would only have to find 1 more space in the sqaud. That is easily done with the likes of Diouf, Obertan, Gibson, Brown all possibly leaving this summer either permanently or own loan. I think its more likely we'll register less than 25 players than anything else.

        Also its not a surprise to see him sign early. Fergie has clearly decided the striker department is fine and needs no adjustments. There would only be a need to wait if we were after another striker and Owen was a fallback option, clearly not the case, and I would agree with Fergies judgement, we have plenty of options upfront for next season