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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 12, 2011 08:55 Flag

    Escape Clause in the Players Contracts?

    JONES inserted the clause, not Blackburn, so it's unlikely to allow the club to sell him to who they want, especially as the player only goes where he chooses to go.

    At the time he signed that contract extension he would have been worth around 5m at a push.

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    • Escape clauss tend to set a higher valuation on the player than what he is believed to be worth at the time the contract is signed. Its one of the main reasons why clubs usually agree to its inclusion in the contract - its either going to put prospective buyers off thus ensuring the player remains at the club or the club is likely to get more than the player is worth when he moves. The latter doesn`t always mean they get the sum specified in the escape clause, especially if the player has only a year or less left on his contract. However, in that sort of situation its more difficult for the buying club to sign the player for a pittance.