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  • The Daily Mail says that the Jones deal is in tatters and that Liverpool have offered £22 million for the player which has been accepted by blackburn

    The News of the World says that a compromise has been reached between utd and blackburn with utd including some add ons in the deal - so much if utd win the title, so much when Jones gets his first cap and so on.

    Mind you the second report could be linked to the first.

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    • if you want to wonder about an incompetant club take a trip and try to find out any other information other than how to buy a ticket or how much a blue dishrag is take a trip to eastlands aqll you hear from 99% of their employees is I don't know try this building or that building, we spent 2 hours trying to find someone to organise something and then purely by accident we found someone by shouting through an office window and shouting that perhaps we should tell granada reports about how inefficient the place is. Also "city in the community's" contribution was just how they are going to be unbeatable because they has bought the league and they didn't have any interest in the community

    • I haven't seen the contract. But If it states that he has a sell-on clause which allows him to leave for £16.5 million, so be it . As to how United knew about the clause, the conspiracy theory won't work, as we're often told by you .

    • Ian, I'm not sure I understand your question. If I can put myself in Blackburn's shoes I would think there might be two things I might be upset with. First is was 16.5M the maximum I could have got for the player at this time. If the clause had been 30M and United had been willing to pay that, but others might have paid more the concern remains in place. However as it seems the player had no interest in discussing personal terms with any other club its beside the point. End of the day while the player maybe worth more, his market price is only 16.5 if that is what the club is willing to accept (in this case forced to due to the clause) and its from a club the player is willing to discuss personal terms with. No deal can go through unless both pieces are in place, but the club and the player, otherwise City would already have Kaka playing for them, as they obviously had the money to buy him last year, but the player had no interest in playing in Manchester.

      The second is whether or not there is a case for tapping up. One would think the only parties who would have known about the clause are the club, the player and his agent. If the club did not tell United, and had not given permission for the player or his representative to tell United, its a question of how United knew the exact amount they'd have to bid to trigger the clause, other than it was a lucky guess.

      Now before you tell me the same was true for Liverpool in the Ziege transfer you already raised, let me tell you'd be absolutely right. There is a real question mark on how Liverpool knew the exact number to bid. But two wrongs don't make a right, and the question is will Blackburn feel the need to make an official complaint (most likely seeking compensation) or like Boro be persuaded its not in their interests.

    • Yes, but if Jones had had a £30 million sell-on clause , and United had to pay that to get the player, do you think Blackburn would have complained ?

    • Thanks Ian. Similar case if I remember but the question was would Middlesbrough initially allow Liverpool to even talk to the player once the buy out amount was triggered by the offer, which was never in doubt own in the Jones case as you both negotiated terms and gave him a physical last week. The larger offers were alleged by Middlesbrough after the fact as reasons why they would not allow the player to discuss personal terms.

      But of course there were also allegations of tapping up on how Liverpool even knew how much the buy out clause was, which might make the two cases also very similar.

    • United didn't make the first offer, so nothing to do with them.

      The Times' Jonathon Norcroft, reported that Jones' buyout clause was £16.5m in March, long before United made a bid.

      And anyway, what was to stop Jones telling someone, it's his business after all.

    • Christian Ziege steer.

    • Blackburn can't just 'sneak a clause' in otherwise Jones' lawyers would be negligent.

    • You just can't let it be, can you, Steer?

      Tapping up, sweetners, subtefuge - and you say "No sour grapes"; of course not.

    • Actually the key in the deal going though was the player wanting to go to United, so once its clear that he'd not settle personal terms with any other club it become irrelevant what other clubs had offered.

      Good luck to you, you look to have a player with a lot of potential, although yet unproven beyond a single season. No sour grapes, I would have liked to see him with Liverpool, but no point going for a player who wants to be elsewhere. I'd rather have a good player who wants to give 100% to the club, rather than a very good player who's only half hearted in his desires.

      btw, any news on if Blackburn will go forward with any tapping up claims? I think they may still have recourse for compensation if they can prove United found out about the exact figure of the buy out clause in an underhanded way. Last nights reports suggested United were going to sweeten the deal to avoid legal clashes, but today seem to have stuck to their guns on the 16.5, so wonder if they've sweetened Blackburn in some other way.

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