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  • Fresh rumours that they are about to takeover utd and rumours that they are the ones funding utd`s transfer spree. Indeed utd`s transfer activity appears to be one of the main factors behind the rumoured takeover - the thinking being that the Glazers don`t have the where withal to fund the sort of buying utd have embarked on.

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    • Hi Ian

      Sorry to get to this so late.

      I haven't read too many of the above threads so forgive me if this is something you have already made clear ...

      Are you saying that you are happy with the Glazers' ownership of Utd? Many Utd fans still seem to be supporting the green & gold campaign so I guessed they were still unpopular - but I could be wrong.

    • Well, it's like a tit for tat convo steer. You post something about United's owners you clearly know nothing about, bar reading about them in the Sun, or somewhere. I throw the ball back in your court, so to speak. The truth is, we know hardly anything which goes on in our clubs' boardrooms I support United through all situations. I've supported United since I was 5, so I think I know a little about my club.

    • I actually do believe you about the not drinking and smoking thing, and good for you. However you are weaving as I have no idea what this has to do with anything, and certainly is not a coherent argument against something I've posted. That is unless changing the subject is your best tactic of debate!

    • So they have wiped out your debt steer . What with ? Show me the details of the deal .Are you telling me that they paid for the purchase of Liverpool out of their pockets ? Oh, I don't drink, or smoke.

    • Ian trying to follow your logic in a debate is like watching a drunk behind the wheel, you seem to be constantly weaving around the road. What do Liverpool's American owners have to do with the Glazers?

      Your owners have bought the club using a leverage buy out, and seem quite happy to allow the debt to continue to rise while they skim there own personal profit. NESV on the other hand have come in, wiped out Liverpool’s debt, and then invested immediately in the playing staff.

      Please let me know where the parallel is and therefore your argument. Love of the club is not the issue. its ability to fund.

    • Well, that's the problem with you steer. You know nothing about what's going on. How about your American owners ? They are there for the love of your club only, are they ?

    • Eric, I did not contribute to this thread until there was some real news on the subject, but it seemed many are quite happy to discuss rumour/hearsay/no substance subjects judging by the thread count before I weighed in. But maybe you are the exception to the rule in discussing non factual events.

      As for players who've come in during the Glazers reign, of course there has been a fair few, but are you honestly telling me you believe the Glazers have personally invested into your club? Seems to me they've borrowed, and milked rather than invested. But if your happy with that, so be it.

    • I'm breaking my ignore rule here ...

      There was no Qatar 'thing' to discuss as nothing happened yet you want to go on and on about something that is rumour/hearsay/no substance and get upset when people, not just me, don't want to join in.

      My other point, which you plainly ignored because it contradicted you, was about the Glazers and transfers.

    • Ian, I did not see Eric make a point so not sure what I'm supposed to address? Seems his position is because the Qatar interest is not real no reason to discuss. Fair enough, but just seemed strange that something that had caused so much buzz suddenly became a non subject.

      As for Liverpool winning the prem, I think you know the answer to that, we've yet to win the title since it’s been called the premier league, but what that has to do with this thread I have no idea. You are interesting to engage with at times Ian, but you also seem to change the subject and run down bunny trails quite often, which can get a little confusing.

      But, as to being important, I'm not more or less important than anyone else on the board. I just have an opinion that I like to express, whether others agree or want to engage in debate about those opinions is completely up to them.

    • "But on the few subjects where I do weigh in, if you think it’s the work of a "twat to be ignored" feel free to follow your own advice and actually ignore me." You obviously think you are important steer. You didn't answer eric's facts because they make your argument a lie. Just one question steer. How many times have Liverpool won the premiership ?

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