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  • Hard to believe no one on this board has posted on this today!


    To be honest I think you lot should be glad this deal was a fiction of fleet street. Maybe anyone is better than the Glazners, who imo will prove a cancer, but not sure a rich oil barons toy is a much better situation.

    But does this not open up questions for the local? Where is the money for this summers deals coming from? Is that bank account kept talking about real, but how come the owners have finally opened the dusty wallet now? Is the money coming out of the Tampa boys own pockets, or is it spending that will just get heaped back onto your credit card? If the sheiks aren't coming, is anyone else?

    Come on lads; don't view every pointed question about your club as a wind up. You should actually discuss the events effecting your club and football in general, not just the good news, but the real news.

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    • "how come the owners have finally opened the dusty wallet now" - you don't half post some rubbish, Steer.

      Hernadez, Bebe, Lindegaard, Smalling, Valencia, Obertan, Berbatov, De Laet, Tosic, Manucho, Tevez (expensive loan), Carrick, Hargreaves, Anderson, Kuszczak, Nani, Park, Foster, Vidic, Evra all bought under the Glazer's ownership.

      The Qataris have nothing to do with the club, so nothing to discuss. End of.

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      • Wow, An official notice from the investment company comes out today to put down rumors that have been in the press, on the web, and discussed on this board, but in reaction not just silence from most, but disdain from the more parochial members that someone actually asks a question impacting your club.

        Personally I don't see this as bad news for you, but its like a George Orwell world on here if anything that might be remotely negative to united it gets shunned as if nothing happened at all.

        Think I will take a shot as this response deserves it. Do you wonder why some call at least part of the United supporter base fair weather fans? If you can only discuss sunny days, but find it impossible to see a cloudy day, seems it might be an appropriate description for at least some of you.

    • The woolyback wurzel speaks. You have no sense of pride in your own city - Bristol.

      You talk about 'fair weather' supporters, but you support LFC and your brother supports United!

      At least I support a club from my own city!

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      • Levy, that’s a fair attack, although while born in Bristol I never lived in the city but grew up in Somerset, and have since moved around quite a bit.

        But by that logic, surely the vast majority of the United fans on here should get the same tough lashing from you. In fact if you were born in Manchester maybe you should actually be a City fan as they are actually inside the city of Manchester. Which stadium is closer to you?

        But how far does your logic go, if I have no pride because I don't support Bristol City, If I did, surely those who support the non league team that was much closer to my house growing up than Ashton Gate could have a go at me. So how about you, or others on here, surely many of you have at least organized club, even if it is playing conference level closer to you than OT.

        btw, what does this have to do with you lot not being interested in discussing the news impacting your club yesterday? I would have thought you and I would have been in agreement for a change as Qatar I don't think would have been good for your club (maybe the bottom line, but not its soul). Yes they could have cleared your debts, but at what cost.

    • Inebriated by the exuberance of your own verbosity.
      Go and dwell on your own club's ownership on your own Board.