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  • apparently on his way to sunderland for £5 million. Good luck to the lad, he never quite made it at utd but should prove to be a good buy for Steve Bruce,

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    • Think that sounds about right. Really think your two biggest (in importance not necessarily in terms of amount spent) are the two that have yet to happen. Who you get in as VDS replacement (assume De Gea, but who knows) and then central midfield.

      Do those two right and the rest of us will have to improve significantly to challenge. Get it wrong, especially the keeper and things could go the other way. Not catastrophic, but both are key core positions, so part of the bedrock of any side.

    • The central midfield signing will be a key signing. If we get it right, it could make a very big difference to the team. Personally that is the only area of the first 11 that I think needs improving.

      The other potential signings mixed with some of the young players coming through into the sqaud, Cleverley etc, will leave the sqaud looking strong and in good shape and freshened up to mount a challenge on all fronts again.

      If we go into next season having signed De Gea, Jones, Young and a decent central player (not sure who, Modric would be my preferred choice), i'll be very happy with the sqaud/team.

    • Can't comment on your kids as I really don't know much about them, but there is a big difference between blooding them now, and expecting one of them to emerge as your central play maker which despite you having a very good side, I think is your biggest weakness. It seems you have got money to spend this summer (admit it which one of you is holding old man Glazer at gun point!), but your next signing I think will be critical, and its not just about writing a big check, but shopping wisely.

    • Fair points all, especially that whoever does come in to central midfield is not a simple one for one replacement. If you go for Modric I think you get as good (if not better based on both players form last season) a replacement, but also more consistent in the number of games you could expect them to play. Less so imo for Nasri, who can go hot and cold it seems to me compared to Modric.

      I can't comment on your younger players as I really don't know much about them, so maybe there is a surprise there. But from not starting in the first team, to being the central lynchpin is a heck of a step up.

      Sneijder I think however is more of an unknown. Whether, or maybe how long it would take to settle into both English football and your system is a question mark. Some of course can settle from the off, especially if they are given time in pre-season, however not guaranteed, and we all know class in Italy does not always translate into English.

      The others I do think are more about building out your squad, so will make you better as a squad (or deeper) and as you say gives you a younger core, its not necessarily imo improvement in the first 11. Although I do take your point that Young on the left may give you tactical benefit, the overall benefit I think maybe marginal as even though it allows you to play Nani on the right, that leaves Valencia in the cold. So giveth with one hand but take away something with the other.

      But the bottom line I think is if you are only going for one more significant signing and it is as you assume (and I'd agree) a central midfielder it becomes a critical signing imo. Do you go foreign with potentially more talented options, but risks of adaption, or go with prem experience, but be faced with potentially a very high cost.

    • Good post Chris and agree with everything you said.

      Not sure who I think we'll get in to bolster central midfield, but with Hargo, Scholes and Gibson (nearly) all going, i'm sure we will sign someone there.

      I think Young is going to surprise a few of the doubters. I think he is a good player and is a lot more comfortable on the left than Nani is. I would have preferred an actual left footer, but i'm happy to see Young here nevertheless. (assuming we do actually complete his transfer that is)

    • 'Nasri/Modric/Sneijder would, but in effect is just a replacent for Scholes.'

      Its not 'just' a replacement though, is it?

      Its no secret that Scholes hasn't been the Scholes of old for a few seasons now, and with the ability/creativity one of these world class players would bring, I think you'd struggle to find any truly objective person who'd argue against this being an improvement.

      I think Cleverley and Pogba are going to surprise a lot of people....although I have no idea as to when Fergie is going to unleash the French lad.

      Nani is better on the right, so all we really have is Park, we've missed what Giggs used to bring. Young improves this situation no end. The pace in this new look United side will frighten the life out of defences.

      Smalling, Jones, Rafael, Fabio, Cleverley, Hernandez, De Gea (etc)....there is a young core that will come through together, and as a United fan, you can't help but be excited by this.

      Try as you might to tamely take that away from us!

    • I think you make a good point. Have to say that a midfield signing now would be better than a 36 year old Scholes given how rarely he played in the big matches in the last season, and the negligible impact he could make on them (recently). You could do with Banega as could we (although Lucas has become very good in all respects in the last 12 months). As Jim said, perhaps Fergie is building towards blooding Pogba and Morrison (and perhaps Tunnifcliffe) who have gotten very comfortable playing together.

    • If the move goes through, good luck to him. I don't think hes as bad a player as some have always slated him to be, but he never really did enough to warrant a regular place in this team. He'll do well for Sunderland.

      This is surely an indication we must be looking to bring in a central player, with 3 central midfielders gone now as Stefan says.

      We could have quite a different looking sqaud by the time the season kicks off at this rate.

    • So that's 3 central midfielders gone. Big changes ahead :)