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  • Jambo Rambo Jambo Rambo Jun 19, 2011 21:21 Flag

    the REAL future

    it's all a risk.. no one knows the future... ur new u21 purchases jones, de gea, etc. may become stars or they may be burn outs... or they may have their careers ended (ashton)..... as a fan, it's no surprise that you are optimistic... but as a realist, i see how things are... they are dire... world class players like scholes, van der saar retiring.... that inevitably leaves a HUGE void.... it would be one thing if you were buying casillas and sneijder, but you're not, so that's a gaping hole in essentially a non-existent midfield.. if you think fletcher and park would get into any top team's first elevens you are delusional... the fact that those are your best midfielders says something... bottom line is you had an easy ride in the CL and won the substandard prem as chelsea bottled it (and were sold a pup by liverpool).... the only silver lining is that you have hernandez and rooney a devastating fwd partnership... but the dark cloud even there is that it's costing you well over 200k a week after rooney bent you lot over.... aging defence, no goalie, and no midfield.... that's reality... LOTS of rebuilding to do but with no funds to do it... even fergie knows it and was last seen shaking at wembley watching barca as the realization of your DIRE situation hit him....