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  • Paddy Paddy Jun 28, 2011 13:38 Flag

    Cadena COPE

    Hi Jim

    I think there's some confusion, I was referring to a different occasion.

    The way I remember it (maybe I've got it badly wrong and Robert can correct me) ...

    As Chelsea manager, he said he had seen Barca players of entering the ref's dressing room at half time. There was a big furore about it and lead to a UEFA enquiry at which point (and after death threats to the ref in question) he changed his story and said that he was told by other people that they had told him that Barca players ... etc.

    I think he was banned as a result.

    My point is that, great manager though he undoubtedly is, he's got previous when it comes to making accusations to undermine another side or deflect attention away from his sides performance. Now, I won't mention SAF or Rafa here ... ;-)