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    Cadena COPE

    For the unaware this is a Spanish radio station, Apparently a story it ran is causing the usually fractious relationship between Madrid and Barca to go into deep freeze. It has quoted a Madrid Board member of accusing Barca of 'doping' their players.
    This is how these revelations started in Italy in the 90s......!

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    • I didn't know this. Guardiola was suspended for 4 months and left Italian football after being found guilty of taking performance enhancing drugs after he left Barcelona. Six years later he was exonerated by appealing to our old friend Platini at UEFA, however CONI the Italian National Olympic Committee responsible for all sport in Italy disputed the appeal but they met a brick wall with UEFA.
      A bit of 'form' has our 'whiter than white' Pep.

    • AND? or are we to read into this that you are hoping that half the spanish league are doping their players and then get thrown out of europe and then we win the CL ? are you serious? or is this just another nothing post?

    • Oh, I don't know eric. Drogba's eyes looked at bit coke, and amphetamine -filled whilst screaming at everyone after the Chelsea- Barcelona match

    • ........as I just said.

    • What about Rio? Man U player ''convicted'' of evading a drugs test.

      The last time I checked, he's still part of the fabric of Man U.

    • That is your privilege. I tend to think if something looks too good to be true, its usually because it is.

    • Jim, there are many ways of improving players' energy levels or physical fitness without resorting to using banned substances. Didn't Wenger - if you can cast your mind back to when Arsenal had some success - maintain that his players were on a special diet that meant they wouldn't flag late in the game?

      You could argue quite reasonably that a special diet is performance enhancing, yet perfectly legal. I recall that during a period of stress, I had a kind of mental and physical exhaustion. A doctor put me on a raw food diet, and as I am vegetarian, this involved eating raw vegetables alongside nuts, fruit, etc. The effects were quickly noticeable, and my energy levels were boosted beyond belief.

      Maybe they just have a good dietician at Barca?

    • Jim, I'm no expert on Spanish media, but do the local radio stations act much like the newspapers in being mouth pieces for either Barca or Real? If so can you really trust what any of the partisan stations say?

      To me this does not sound so much different from the yelling Maureen and the rest of Real did during the CL semi final. I suppose it would back up there claim that Barca are to cosy with UEFA to explain why after years of drug enhanced success no one has been caught by a random drug test!

      At the end of the day I'm not sure why its so hard for some to accept that Barca over many years have worked hard to build a very, very good side that is now the dominant force in their domestic league, and in Europe. Your own club has done that (although with less success in Europe) as has the club I support (although we did translate that into European silverware). Bottom line is Success comes in cycles, and Barca is at the height of there’s. Not realizing that and accepting your own club is no longer or at least not currently top dog suggests both youth and or inexperience in understanding that is how football works, or just sour grapes.

    • Hi again.

      "Remember 'Pep' only got found out when he moved to Italy under a different regime. He was most likely taking the drug whilst he was a Barca player for years before. Can't be proven of course, but highly unlikely he just picked up the habit at 29."

      The problem with that Jim is that you could say exactly the same about Jaap Stam - i.e. that he must have been taking drugs at Utd and not just at Inter when he got caught. So do you also think that it's highly unlikely that he wasn't taking drugs at Utd?

    • Sorry, didn't see your post! I've just repeated your points!

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