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    Is city`s mega deal in danger

    according to reports uefa have come intense pressure from other European clubs, one of which appears to be bayern munich, to investigate city`s £400 million deal wit Etihad. The complaint is - not surprisingly - that the deal has been artificially inflated to help city meet the new financial rules and breaks uefa`s code which says that any deal must be in line with similar deals and that clubs should not be susbsidised by companies that are closely associated with their owners. It has been pointed out to uefa that the deal for renaming city`s stadium far exceeds that of any other deal not only football but in every other sport and that the owner of Etihad is the brother of the owner of city. Questions have also been raised about where the money is coming from as Etihad in its 8 years of existence has never made a profit.

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    • why would he care about the club. 99% of players dont care about the club their at.

      look at the way rooney treated utd. money talks!

      i wouldnt mention fans when utd have such a low reputation for the quality of their fans.

      just ask keano.

    • I don't think Modric thinks much about your club bint. He doesn't think much of Spurs' fans either.

    • Excuse me, but envy is written all over your pathetic post, and NO I,M NOT A SH*TTY SUPPORTER.

    • yes i think it is,

      he has been let down by the club.

      we have stood still since getting 4th rather than push on from there.

      sad as he is our best & most important player.

    • As a manc resident i was ticked off thinking city were pocketing the renaming money but if that money is going into the mcc acounts I'm quite happy to let eufa investigate and come to their own decision ...that stadium has milked manchester for far too long ...their staff aren't bright enough to hide anything they just never knew where anything was anyway

    • Devon, surely this is a storm in a teacup. Even a quick read of the press coverage makes it clear the 400M is just a headline, while the real numbers for the naming rights are much lower. Sure 400M sounds like a big number, but when you take out the fact this number the monies being spent to extend the existing shirt deal, the payment that has to be paid to Manchester City Council (the landlord) and the fact its not just a naming of the stadium but a property deal involving land around the stadium (the so called "campus") then the 10-12M a year for naming is not such a big deal.

      But the important thing rather than trying to steal headlines, or overreact to press coverage is what city put in their official accounts. It is based on that, that UEFA will judge the club relative to FFP rules. City along with other clubs may try to blur their accounts with parent companies, shell companies, or sweetheart deals, but its not in the papers they should be judged, but from what they submit to the auditors.

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      • Frankly even if it was £400 million I don`t see how that would help clear up their debts, which last year totalled £121 million and are expected to be much higher this time round. For starters any sponsorship money is usually spread out over the length of the deal and city`s deal is for 10 years which would only give them an extra £40 million pa. And far more importantly it doesn`t tackle the underlying problem which is the amount over and beyond their income that city spend on transfers and wages. They already spend 10% more than they earn on salaries and if they are going to make even a fraction of the big transfers the press think they are going to make that is only going to get worse cause I can`t see the sort of marquee players they are being linked with settling for anything less than £150k per week, especially when they look at what Yaya Toure is on.

    • I'm amazed that you're not posting a topic where you're bigging up Man U as per usual.

      What you've posted is still a load of crap though.