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    Fergie - no new signings

    That is the word from SAF:


    But I'm curious as there have been so many comments stating the desire to bringing in a play maker, what do you think the solution is?


    He thinks Anderson is good enough
    He thinks Giggs can play that role on a routine basis and play more games more often than he has in recent years
    He thinks beating up a poor MLS side shows what he has is good enough
    He is creating a smoke screen while negotiations for a player yet mentioned in the press continues
    The club really does not have the money for the caliber of player needed after spending so much on a young keeper, yet another winger, and young defender who may prove a good player in a year or so.


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    • I'll be very disappointed if this is definately the case. And I think Fergie is being honest and it's not smoke and mirrors.

      My belief is that we've splashed most of the available cash already and to get Sneijder, the deal couldn't have gone beyond (say) £30M and wages not beyond what they are paying Rooney.

    • Thoughts?

      It's pretty obvious.Man U can't afford any decent signings so Fergie is coming up with his excuses.

      He isn't fooling anyone.


    • He didn't specifically say that the spending is over, he said he is satisfied with the players we have and we aren't looking at this moment (having also said we are always looking!) and testing out different combinations of midfielders already here.

      My guess is that he would like to bring a player in, but he isn't going to buy for the sake of it. As he previously said, if the right player becomes available, we'll make a move. I believe his list of potential targets is pretty small because he is looking for a special kind of player capable of replacing Scholes. We don't need any more players with potential because we have plenty of our own already in midfield.

      I think at the moment we will just be monitoring the situations of a few players and seeing how things pan out for them over the next month. If we make a move for anyone, I see it being pretty close to deadline day, a la Berbatov. A little patience is needed here I feel.

      I'm personally happy with what we've got anyway if that means we're going to give the likes of Pogba a shot.

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      • I suppose it comes down to whether people think bringing a central midfield play maker is something that is needed to fill a hole in the squad, or just a nice to have to make the squad that little bit better. I take it from what you wrote Steve your in the latter camp, but from the previous posts on the need for Modric or Sneider I think maybe some feel that type of player is more than a nice to have.

        Personally I think you can get by without anyone as you have enough quality wide and up front. However its all dependent on how those your competing with improve as its not about how good you are, but how good you are relative to the competition. Last season you were relatively better, this coming season we don't know yet. However I would say what you did lack last term was someone who could consistently put his foot on the ball in the center and both dominate the center and dictate the play. Against most clubs that was not a problem, but against the better sides, or at least those with a strong central midfield presence it caused some problems.

    • Not sure I'd fully agree with that. Yes he's one of the best when played high up the pitch but I'd also complment his vision and delivery when he plays provider. With Scholes gone I'd say he and Giggs are the best you have to deliver a long penetrating ball

    • Rooney, as Fergie has said is not suited to that role. He is a creative number 10, and should stay there. He has been better than ever playing there since January. We just need to build around him. A creative type to deliver the ball to him (and exchange with him) so that he can do his damage high up the pitch is what is needed. Maybe Anderson could be that man, but I've been waiting for 3 years for him to recapture his original form and it still hasn't happened.

    • Yes Prof I was very impressed with Welbeck last night Prof. I think we should sell Berbatov while we can get some money for him, and really push Welbeck on.

      I'd be happy for us not to buy anyone as long as the youngsters definitely got their chance. I would not be happy just to see the same midfielders who haven't impressed playing every week.

    • Creative all rounder would seem like a big ask imo, at least if your trying to get one on the cheap. Seems to me you've got plenty of all rounder’s who can fill the midfield, but outside of Giggs (if he moves inside more) or Rooney (if he moves back into an advanced midfield role), not that much creativity.

      But if Rooney did play a more central role I think that could be a solution for you. You've got plenty out on the flanks, and should have enough up front if Berbs stays along with Hernandez and your kiddies plus Owen as back up. However as its hard to be in two places at once I think you'd miss his creative spark up front, plus if he did go down or suffer a loss of form, it could hurt being so over reliant on him.

    • Why not start your own thread about Liverpool if you have such an interest rather than asking it on a thread dealing with a completely different question?

      I'm more than happy to participate on threads on this board or others on subjects that interest me, but usually pass over those that don't. Why you like to post on every thread you can, but ignore what a thread is actually discussing seems a little strange to me.

    • We all know Fergie, he won't sign players for over the odds. My guess is, he wanted Schneider,didn't get him so has decided to stick with his current squad. If he's saying "no more signings", I believe him.

      Trust in Fergie.

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      • I'm sorry Fergie "won't sign players for over the odds". Berbatov was way over the odds. Do you actually think De Gea is worth 17 to 20 million pounds? United at one point wouldn't cough up 25million pounds for Ronaldinho. I just think United kinda suck at negotiating.

        While they did a decent job recently in getting Ashley and Phil to come to United instead of pool I doubt that these players were high on our own wish lists. I have to admit it. United don't really get the world class players. We do however develop them. Sometimes getting a world class player in would get more world class players wanting to go to United. If you don't agree with me on my point earlier then would you call De Gea, Phil Jones and Ashley Young world class? I can't remember the last time United bought a player who was already world class.

        For me it's quite simple i wouldn't mind us not winning anything next season if it means giving a chance to the youth/fringe players. I think we can get an attacking player in our ranks.

        We can't replace Scholes like for like. I think Young can be used in an attacking mid position with Nani and Valencia on the wings. There's Cleverly and maybe Morrison. Fergie could actually let Anderson play his preferred position. Maybe Carrick would come good? I don't know.

        I however still think we need just one more player. Some one who hasn't hit the 30 mark but experienced at the same time. Schweinsteiger or De Rossi would do just fine. We need some who is slighlty more combative. De Rossi would fit the bill. We could use Schweinsteiger as a box to box player. I doubt Bayern would sell him though.

      • Not smoke and mirrors then? I agree he most likely wanted the Dutchman but may have thought the price too high, however if that is the case surely he see's a need for someone of quality. My guess is he's trying to find someone on the quiet, as press speculation may not help his negotiating position. If everyone knows you want and need a player then the seller has more power. However some of the other options I put up might be viable answers also.