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  • Steve, I wouldn't discount this completely. Roma are cashed up, and it wouldn't surprise me if they were very interested in Berbatov. Vucinic may not have a great scoring record, but he would be a very good (and willing) backup striker. I also think he would offer more to the team than Berbatov given his relative speed and power. Having said that, you're right and this is likely to be a ploy by his agent for better terms or something similar.

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    • why is it always Berbatov that people think should leave in an exchange deal? He's just had his best season why shouldn't he do better again next season?

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      • Scoring a quarter of his goals against a very poor Blackburn side. Liverpool hattrick aside, his spread of goals was very poor, as was his attitude at times. Fergie clearly doesn't trust him in the biggest matches and never has. His tally in the CL is a complete joke. In addition to that he is already 30, and has only one year left on his contract. I'd rather sell him now than let him go for free next year. It would also be nice to see Welbeck get a real chance this year.